The pain of being devalued…

what is the truth about youWe all have a need to fulfill others expectations of us, and also some of us have the need to fulfill our own expectations of ourselves.

Now, what if someone says something about you, or something that you like, find important, says something that conflicts with what you think about yourself, your self-image? Your “I” you consider your Self. (it isn’t… by the way)

Your experience is that you are devalued. 1

The lower your vibration, the more it hurts.

And when someone puts down a thing or a person we have liked, then we feel devalued by association.

This can happen quite frequently if you hang out with me…
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Vibrational Review: Peter Schenk

I got this email in my inbox today. Invitation to get on the Modern Day Mystic online TV show.

I’ve been interviewed on real TV. I have been interviewed for articles. But this would be the first online TV interview since I discovered that the reason I was miserable because people were miserable around me… i.e. I was an empath.

OK, so what do I do when I need to make a decision about doing something or not doing something?

I investigate. And then I think. Pro. Con. First feel… then think, evaluate, compare, see the big picture.

OK, who is this Peter Schenk?

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