That’s what is a “bitch” about life: what goes up must come down

F-Roller-Coaster-at-Top-of-Hill-4That’s what is a “bitch” about life, that nothing is EVER in the bag. You have to keep your eyes on it, push it, make the right choices, do it, and then, maybe, it gets into the bag.

I am talking about projects. Big or small, it is never in the bag until it is in the bag.

They say it is not over until the fat lady sings… but that is for spectators, that don’t enjoy the show.

A participant, it is never over until it is done…

No matter how good it looks now, no matter how good it feels now, in the next moment it can tumble, go south, the whole beautiful thing can go to s-h-i-t. And more often than not it does.

Now, why am I writing this article? Because it is my experience, that we all, myself included, behave as this nature of projects weren’t true.
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I have been working on starting to lead courses again.

course-1I’ve taken a break, recharged my batteries, and I am ready…

The first step I needed to do is to look at the courses I have already lead, to get a sense that in fact I CAN lead effective courses…

I listened into a whole lot of the recorded sessions. I learned that I have fun leading (I laugh a lot), that the material is amazing, and that the students love participating.

I have decided on doing the second phase activators course… this time with the new energies that eliminate the need for you to be connected while I download the activators… A good 20 minutes each hour was spent on making sure you are connected when I last lead that course.

That is a lot of time, wasted… thank god for the new technology, right?
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Updated: Are you at cause or are you at effect?


Can context be cause?

Note: I wrote this article three years ago, but it is as timely as ever… It moved me then, and it moves me today… Enjoy!

This question doesn’t sound like it could make much sense, does it? But when you find out what it means, you’ll be thrilled to know that it is the panacea, the cure for most of what ails us.

By the way, Nature’s fundamental law is: Like causes cause like effects. If something you consider “cause” doesn’t work reliably, it is not a cause, it’s an effect. Like prayer, like certain remedies, like the “Law” of attraction, like thinking positively, like placebo…

The Second Phase Activators Course just finished on Sunday, and I am working on the next course. Making decisions, creating some new stuff. And a big change: I will not allow everyone to sign up, just because they want to be in it.

There are some current students who, because of their attitude, lag behind. This creates tension in the group: I spend more time trying to unstuck the unwilling or lazy ones than actually teaching stuff. (The main unwilling attitudes ‘it’s good enough for me the way it is,’ ‘why rock the boat,’ or belligerence or even hostility/resistance are the attitudes I have been experiencing and won’t tolerate in my next courses.

These people also don’t have a big enough desire to change or even to experiment, and change and experimenting are mandatory if you want to create a shift in your life to the better.)

I also needed to create changes in MY attitude to be able to believe that I can pick and choose who I want to teach. That is a long shot from where I started: accepting anyone who was willing.
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When you realize that YOU are wasting your life… Updated

where are you leaking? how do you waste your life? How do YOU waste your life? How do YOU leak?

A student of mine watched a movie last night. In the movie she heard the following dialogue:

“Thank you for saving my life” “Don’t waste it.”

She cried. Later her husband was picking a fight with her. She stepped back 1 and didn’t react.

An hour later the husband came downstairs. She offered him tea. He apologized for his behavior.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because one way or another we are all wasting our life, or most of it.

The most useful question I have found to snap me out of this wasteful way of being is:

What is using my perfectly good life right now?

Here are some examples. All are life-wasters that you can eliminate by bringing consciousness to life… stopping for a moment, and choose…. Helping you with that are, of course, the the activators.

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UPDATED: How A Sideways Glance is The Key To Raising Your Consciousness Raising Your Vibration

raising your vibration raising your consciousness

Raising Your Consciousness Raising Your Vibration

I watched a movie last night. I stayed up till 1:30 am… way past my bedtime, because it was urgent for me to watch it… lol.

I knew there was something very important in it for me to get… but what?

I had seen this movie, back in Hungary, 40 years ago. I have been fascinated with it ever since.

The movie is called “The Lawyer”
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Is witnessing the key to success in any endeavor?

Witnessing is an awareness, independent of the mind, that sees each process unfold in its perfect beauty.

In this work, witnessing is

  1. intending something
  2. doing the doing part
  3. and watching it unfold

It is an energetic phenomenon: the results are dependent on your witnessing: your witnessing is part of what is causing the result.

just frickin' do it! without actually doing it there is no learning that is happening The long-long, over 20 week, four times a week course, the Second Phase Activators is drawing to an end.

One student, who has been continuously doing courses with me for 11 months, is visibly irritated, reactive, antsy, and maybe even angry.

I sat down to meditate what is the issue: I had a feeling that it’s not personal, that if I can see what is the driving force behind the irritation, I’ll be able to glean something about the human machine, that you too want to know about.

I did… and here it is:

Unless you witness (in action) what you have learned, you have learned nothing useful, as far as your mind is concerned.

The mind is not able to draw a connection between what it learned and action, unless…

Let me break it down for you so you can actually get what’s happening, and maybe start behaving differently.

Almost any course, even the ones that have exercises in them, only satisfy the mind’s craving for knowledge.

But there is a world of difference between doing something because it is your homework, and doing something for of your life.

Example #1: I am an architect. In Hungary architects are trained as architectural engineers, so our training is both technical and creative.
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Digging for the root cause of our issues… maybe you have been an ugly duckling, unaware…

ugly duckling or majestic swan? digging for the root What we are doing in the Second Phase Activators Course, right now, is digging for the root cause of our issues.

Students are having a hard time with this exercise.

Why? because the root cause, in our case, the default name we’ve given to ourselves, is horrible. The emotional anguish associated with the default name is near unconfrontable.

Most of us invented a way to compensate for the horror of that name to fix ourselves.

The problem is: there is nothing to fix. The original, default name isn’t true.

Today I recalled an Israeli movie I saw some time ago, ‘Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi.’ 1

It’s about a fledgling high school student. She takes care of everyone in her family, does the cooking, baking, etc.

No one pays any attention at him, he is everyone’s favorite imbecile.

He talks little, listens a lot.

One day, at a written math exam, he walks out in the middle of the exam and throws his exam sheet in the garbage…

The teacher, substitute teacher who doesn’t “know” Shlomi, fishes out the exam sheet. All the problems were solved perfectly. In a few minutes time.

The teacher goes to the principal and the send Shlomi to an examination. Turns out he is a genius.

His family goes through a major upheaval but then they accept the “verdict.” His life continues as the life of a genius.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because unless someone digs deep enough and precisely enough for the root, they won’t be able to look at it.

Incidents like this movie are not the rule, they are the exception.

Ugly ducklings that spend their whole lives being a good little duck, being useful, or acting out and becoming abusive themselves, are what we see in real life. No one ever dares to look and see if, by accident, a swan is who they are.

I was called stupid by my whole family. I was dyslexic and very near sighted. I also find it impossible to memorize anything, poems, formulas, anything.

My brain won’t accept anything put into it, I need to process it first, and most things don’t make it through.

So I was called stupid. As in “not like us.”
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Tools For Your Soul Correction

soul correction: are you sure you want to know it? Soul correction is an active process. No one can do it for you.

Soul correction is the path to raising your vibration.

Every soul correction is a theme around which your life can be turned around: it’s like a pivot point.

It is a specific way you block the Light, it is a specific way YOU are not in the process of becoming an expanding human being, it is your way of “desire to receive for the self alone” i.e. at someone else’s expense.

You remember, the Creator doesn’t play favorites. It won’t take away from one to give it to another. Regardless if the other has right to what they have or not.

This is why when I ask the Creator to protect me from the Dark Side people, the Creator says No. Because protecting me would be taking away what is theirs, good or bad, or indifferent, won’t matter.

So the Creator is not like your dad who beat up your neighbor kid because he took away your toy, or yelled at the teacher because she gave you an F. The punishing, angry, selfish, jealous god is the figment of human imagination: no such thing in reality. As thee is no heaven any other place but potentially on Earth.

So, back to your soul correction:


  • knowing intimately what it is is very important.Your Bach flower profile, i.e. which of the 40 feelings are part of your persona, are invaluable. Each of those feelings are “desire to receive for the self alone”

    They are your reactions to life, and they limit you, make you sick, poor and miserable.

  • Finding your default “name” and inventing new ones (from the Art of Soaring book and upcoming course) are probably the most precise but the hardest to master. And, of course, the harder something is to catch the bigger the result you’ll experience.

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Vibrational Review: Case Study of a student of the second phase Activators course

raise your vibration by facing your shadow, facing your dark side Vibration went from 200 to 330 in three months. Case study: Student in the 2nd Phase Activators Course. Photographer, female 55 years old

Had a difficult start. Started on just the border of the acceptable minimum, 200 vibration.

Had she had these difficulties with a vibration below 200, she would have disappeared.

She had to access the connection webinars from her phone. I can’t see someone who calls in on the phone, on my webinar control panel, so she could never be sure whether she was connected or not, really.

She came to every call. She bought the Unconditional Love Activator, but I refunded it: I told her flat out that she is not suitable to be my student. I practically threw her out…

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