Albert Einstein spoke about the levels of consciousness

levels of consciousnessI am very lucky: the questions my students send me have caused me to have a deeper understanding for my own work.

These students are often seeking new insights in their pressing circumstances from me. Lately it is all about making a decision to stay or leave, to let go or to fight.

It is a huge responsibility to talk to people who are looking for answers.
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Your deserving factor, your earning factor… How much do you deserve? How much have you earned? Are you worth a damn?

I am listening to step 1 of the 67 steps again. The seventh time? Eighth time? I have lost track.

And as is usual for me, I am seeing something that Tai is not saying, and I kind of have been seeing, but not really. In the corner of my eyes.

What is the keystone that holds together your life?

I have a next door neighbor who feels miserable most of the time. As an empath I am forced to feel it. No escape. Can’t cloak myself, can’t shield myself.

Yesterday, at 10 am she went into massive fear mode… So I had the idea to test if I can use the Heaven on Earth to ease her distress. I downloaded and pushed Heaven on Earth, the energies, across the two driveways to her, and it eased her misery considerably. To bearable level. Continue reading “What is the keystone that holds together your life?”

Can you connect to Source through imagining connecting?

I did the first session of the Muscle testing course, version 2 yesterday.

There was a lot of things to unlearn and relearn for the students, things can and do prevent one from being effective in life.

Tons of the memes, everything and its opposite, no clarity.

What is Source. Where is the knowledge coming from when we muscle test for the truth? Is truth stagnant, the same today as it was yesterday? Does anything remain the same as it was yesterday?

The most successful people on earth know that only physical laws, the laws of physics apply here, and you can deal with the rest as appearances. A mirage. Maya. Not solid.

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Are your vibration, your starting point measurements just a bunch of numbers?

I am interested in deciphering the relationship between numbers, scores in your Starting Point Measurements.

I can see, that without a comprehensive and accurate understanding of what causes what, what is cause, what is effect, you may not know how to change the “geography” of your life. You will be stuck where you are… or only move accidentally… so I do see the urgency in this move.

I am expanding the scope of the work I put into measuring your Starting Point Measurements to Enlightenment, to becoming a human being, even though this work more than doubles the time I have to spend with it. Eventually I’ll raise the price, but not yet.

Why? For one, I want to know. But more importantly, instead of giving you a bunch of numbers, maybe I can make them useful… What and idea, right? lol.

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Can you change? Will you be able to change, even if you never could?

This article is a stream of consciousness… Beware, it is like poetry… you have to feel it, you can’t explain it.

Cultural memes, media bias, tell us that change is fast and dramatic.

So when you consider your own change, that is what you are planning for, or that is what you resist.Even if not changing means staying at a place where you don’t enjoy being. But of the two bad things: dramatic change or staying miserable, staying miserable is still more attractive, because at least you know that place.

But cultural memes, media bias, are lies.

Actually, all memes are lies. It was, maybe, someone’s truth, but it is not THE TRUTH.

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Still think memes are innocent? A meme is like a virus

AI have been talking about the memes… and it seems that I haven’t spoken clearly the point.

So let me take a stab at it, and I’ll try until it’s so clear that most people will get it.

A meme is a though form. Words. Some rule, some principle, some saying that says something about how the world works, how you should be, and what is good and bad.

The Tree of Knowledge houses the memes. They live their incestuous life there and they come from there to infect you. Continue reading “Still think memes are innocent? A meme is like a virus”

Does your vibration depend only on you? Does your integrity depend only on your actions? Does your money depend only on your actions?

I just had a profound realization: To the degree I deal with people whose actions lack integrity, to the same degree I lack integrity myself.

You are not only a sum total of your closest five people, your “originating” or “sourcing” circle. You are actually the same as the lowest of them in spiritual sense.

Your financial integrity, your earning power, your deserving factor, your happiness, your weight, your health, your mindset, all depend more on your friends than on yourself. Who you surround yourself with have more power in your life than you, yourself. Continue reading “Does your vibration depend only on you? Does your integrity depend only on your actions? Does your money depend only on your actions?”

Personality vs Self… what is the difference?

your personality and social media choicesHow do you know if you don’t have a Self? And if you don’t… what is missing?

As with everything in life, things are never completely this way or that way. All physical laws are only 100% true in your imagination: in reality there are too many factors to consider.

It is a matter of spiritual and emotional maturity whether a person can be with controversy and ambivalence… or in this case degrees of anything.

What I am trying to say: there is no one who has no Self at all, and there is no one who is 100% in possession of their Self.

There is a huge variety, and a huge variety of ways one isn’t willing to have a Self.

Why do I say “willing”? Isn’t it the goal to have a Self?

It is and it isn’t. We all have a personality of some sort… and most of us are satisfied with that.
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Do you want to be a Jew?

I want to tell you a little story… because it’s been on my mind for a while, and I need to get it off my chest.

YOU don’t need it. You really don’t want to hear it, because you won’t like what it says about you.

So, it’s OK if you click off now. Good. Now I am alone with the handful of people who want to hear what I have to say. Because it is what makes us this little group of… Jews?

Funny, eh? Let me explain.

Long time ago, over the seas, and the mountains, a little old man, called God was in search of some people. Some people who would take it on themselves to run an experiment, much like the first fish that climbed on dry land.
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