Finding out you live in the Valley of The Shadow of Death

I had a brainstorm the other day.

For a while I have been having an identity crisis: what is that I am really doing… who am I?

So the other day, way before the sun came up, I was looking at files on my hard drive from long time ago. By what I found I could see how my thinking was then, I could see how my thinking has changed, and how it has become murkier and murkier.

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Without seasons intelligent life wouldn’t be possible

It’s fall again. My favorite season. I like the colors, the contrast, the smells. I also like winter. Spring and summer are not my favorites.

But… and this is a big but… without seasons there would be no life on Planet Earth… of, according to the National Geographic, only in the area of the Equator… no agriculture, no science, no evolution… and lots of bugs.

When I ask Source it says: there would be no intelligent life.

So the seasons have something to do with the livability of this planet… and the seasons come from the tilt and wobble of the planet.

This is not meant to be a scientific article

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How to get out of the cave of your mind to live in reality?

I just had an email conversation with a client. She wanted my review on a marketed healing program, and I reviewed it for her. The person doing it: personal vibration 100, truth value of that program: 3%

The things you are attracted to cater to where you are in your evolution as a human… They talk to your ‘identity’, to your world-view, to who you are.

If you are attracted to a 3% truth value program it is because your world-views truth value is about 3%. 97% not reality, not truth, 97% b.s. These programs sell like hotcakes… Because this is the level that most humans live on now. And it is getting lower. Continue reading “How to get out of the cave of your mind to live in reality?”

What is your biggest barrier to raising your vibration?

The foundation of your being needs to change to raise your vibration.

We could say that raising your vibration is raising the foundation of your being, the foundation of your existence, the height from where you observe life.

Your foundation is set by your culture. Your culture also sets what you can hear and what you cannot.

What you cannot hear is what is higher than the level of your foundation.

You hear something… but by the time it becomes conscious, it is translated to the level of your culture. How? By hearing it in the mind, Plato’s Cave.

To the naked eye, you sound kind of stupid. A is said, and you hear B. Your actions will be based on B. And your results will also be based on B. Continue reading “What is your biggest barrier to raising your vibration?”