How do you know what you are afraid of? Why you are afraid… even when you have no reason to be.

what are you afraid of?It was 1991. Georgia… some miles from Atlanta, in a hunting lodge. November. Communication Commando Course.

Just the name was enough to put the fear of god in me. But then they ushered me in this little room where I needed to answer some questions about myself, name, age, where I live, who I live with… in front of a camera.

Now, by that time I had been on television twice, seen and recognized by millions of people. And yet, I was terrified.

What was I afraid of?

This is what this article is about… what is it that you are afraid of, that you cannot tell what it is, but it is as real as that if they keep you underwater long enough, you’ll be dead. Dead dead…. Continue reading “How do you know what you are afraid of? Why you are afraid… even when you have no reason to be.”

It’s all about the memes. If you catch them, life may start working…

I have at least 2-3 conversations each day that are so profound they should be made public. Sometimes i do…

Here is one from today:

helpless-haplessHim: Wow. I realized on yesterday’s call that there are memes and voices when I am on the call and they are disturbing me to get things more than I am doing. Or disturbing me to look, think and not going to the head. These voices are fear based. “What if I say something wrong, what if I can’t do what she says etc.” It went better yesterday because I was conscious of them and could decide to just let them be noises and have my attention on what you were saying instead.

Me: yes. it is the biggest reason people don’t do well. good catch. thank you for sharing.

I have one meme still very alive… “It is too hard!” lol

and another one, a little bit less “It is hopeless!”

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Another way lack of humility screws with you

To be unattached is not to renounce the world. If you renounce the world you are attached to the world; otherwise why should you renounce it? What is the point in renouncing it if you are not attached to it? Only attachment renounces. If you are really non-attached there is no question of any renunciation.The Detached/Unattached 1 capacity workshop evolved into a major tranformational process course… which I didn’t know it was going to do. 2

Lots of insights, but here is one I want to share:

In your life, beginning with your life in the womb, you made up stories about how you are, how others are, how life is.

Your life, the quality of your life, whether you are worth a damn, whether you have knowledge, strategy, whether you do something worth doing or not, are given by the stories you made up.
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Happiness is a rope dance, walking a thin line. No wonder you are not happy… or how lack of humility is the big issue

walking a thin line tight-rope dancerLittle more about humility… the cog in the wheel

One detrimental functions of “lack of humility” as a capacity, is that you can’t change your mind about your past.

My Playground program was about changing your mind by changing your view…

At the time I didn’t know about capacities, so I could not tell how come someone can and others can’t change their mind.

In spite of all evidence to the contrary, in spite of all the reframing we did, only one person could change her mind, really, and even her, only changed her mind, retrospectively, when she finally got humility, the capacity, turned on.

It’s clear to me now, that you can do all the right things and still get no results if you have something missing in the foundation.
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Are your actions effective? Constructive? And if not, why?

instead of massive action, it is take effective actionsThis may be the most important article for you to read… Don’t complain that I didn’t warn you!

One of the things mainstream (all the gurus) get wrong is this: they consider you a constant in opportunities. Constant as in fixed… As if you were the same when you are afraid, and when you are confident…

You are not constant until you are on the vibrational level of above 900. How do I know? Because I can see the difference in me and in my ability to act constructively, even though I am above 900.

Let me explain: The YOU, the watcher, the Observer, the maker of decisions is not constant.

Even mainstream can see that, but they don’t know what changes when you go from putz, ineffective, flailing limp dick to someone who can take effective actions.

They think it has something to do with your beliefs. That if you implant a belief in you then you will see what to do, and you’ll know how to go about effective actions, including the seeing, the words, the strategy.

Or they may suggest that you have a blockage, and once it is removed, you’ll be an unstoppable champion.

Bull crap.

Beliefs have nothing to do with it. Blockages have little to do with it.
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I have created a separate blog for Andy Shaw’s A Bug Free Mind

Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of successTo answer the question in the title: I am not sure. I am guided…

In addition, a site where you can find all the “mind bugs” as Andy Shaw calls them, can be really useful.

My Playground program is the program where most of these “mind bugs” get driven up, but unless I write, in an organized fashion, our findings, it will be lost for humanity… and given the direction humanity is heading, that is really bad news.

By the way, I have been offering my special bonus for people who buy the Bug Free program through my link: a free month in my Playground program. It is a $40 program, and you can take it any time, just send me your receipt from Andy, and tell me when you want your month.

My experience has been, that removing even just one bug makes a huge difference, but removing 3-5 starts creating some elbow room for real change.

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Christmas, alone, my empath mother, being the true empath, and getting to no thing

Christmas of EaglesAs far as I can see back, Christmas was a painful reminder that I am alone.

I always wanted to go home… home was a place where I longed to be, but I had no idea what that would be like. Surely where I lived wasn’t home. Surely the people I was with left me feeling alone.

Later, relationship made my life busy, but I still felt alone. Not envying others, not something wrong, just alone. Like you are on the top of a mountain, and no one to share the experience with.
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Panache Desai’s Soul Signature… Dissolving Density Programs and why they don’t work

it-talks-to-your-mindAny program that talks to your mind, the automatic thinking mind, is doomed to fail. But first it will titillate, soothe, much like a lullaby of a mother.

Why cannot they change you, and actually move you up where your soul wants to go?

Because you are stuck on low levels, young levels, and to unstuck you from there requires work… work that may not be pleasant, but unless it’s done, you are stuck forever.

The teachers you follow, the teachers whose products you buy, have one thing in common: they can sell ice to an Eskimo.

And you, who buys their product: you have one thing in common: you hope that life is going to be easy, and that by some miraculous way you can wish yourself out of the deep hole you live in.
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Attitude in relation to yourself: your self-esteem

self-image,self-esteem are both an attitude towards yourself

Summary: Attitude: the most potent invisible builder or invisible destroyer of your life, of your dreams, of your results, of your relationships. It is invisible to you, but glaringly obvious to others. Isn’t it time you took an inventory and start changing your attitudes, one by one.As an Expanding Human Being, I study. A lot. I study books, movies, people, myself. Sometimes there is no rhyme and reason in my studying, and sometimes, like now, there is.

I have recently found a teacher who teaches people how to become an expert and market themselves as such, online.

Most people that learn from this guy are already experts at some things, but… It is one thing to be an expert, and another to be perceived as an expert. People go by their perception, not by the fact, in reality, people have no idea what they see, only what they perceive.
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