Growing, transformation, hitting a wall, being or getting stuck

HitTheWallI am in a state that can be compared to the cocoon 1 state. I intend to emerge on the other side as a butterfly.

Wasn't I a butterfly before? Who knows. But humans don't live a day or two, like butterflies, and they have more stages than butterflies.

When you grow (if you grow) spiritually your growth pattern is much like...
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A typical day of this empath

dna difference between dogsI often find out what I have and what it does, from students, or by accident. Also some of the things are theories until proven by enough empirical data...

How the harmonizer works, really

Some of you may remember that last year I had a section on the blog that said what was the negative emotion, negative energy transmission Dark Side was spewing across the globe.

I was surprised that this year there didn't seem to be any, until this past Saturday: suddenly deep sadness, a sense of loss, irreversible loss was coming over me... it wasn't mine. It wasn't anybody's, it was a D.S. transmission. It was irresistible, and I spent the day in a funk.

Today the emotion was extreme anguish, fear, trepidation, strong pressure from underarm to underarm: No matter what I do, I can't stop what's coming. Phew, real bad. Then I checked and the Harmonizer wasn't turned on on my computer in the office. I turned it on, and within minutes the feeling became weaker and manageable.
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Mastery: how to go from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence?

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 timesThe one rule of the Playground Program: All speaking needs to answer the questions: what happened, what is real?

One of the first things people learn in the Landmark Forum is the idea that most of what you think happened to you, around you, in your life, is a story.

It's a simple distinction, yet it is profound, it is life altering... for a moment. In the moment of seeing that, it is profound. Then it disappears, it goes underground.  It is replaced completely by the story... Flash in the pan, kitchen fire, not forest fire... Inconsequential. In spite of the fact that when it is alive, when it is operational, it is life altering, transformational. Big.

When I talk to graduates of Landmark's programs, they, maybe, can give lip-service to this distinction, "story", they know about it, but if you listen to them, it is not a distinction that is alive and well, guiding them through the maze of mind-full (living from the mind) living, unconscious living, living without distinctions.

My experience has been that a little knowledge will definitely lower your vibration to lower than it was before that little knowledge. Tree of Knowledge... knowing about it, but no mastery.
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A coach’s job is to make you do things you don’t want to do

coachingA discussion with hidden argumentative undertones is going on in the comments of some posts.

It's about coaching.

Most people want gentle guidance. They want the results, but they want it all to be easy, nice, a walk in the park. They can't find this anywhere, so they sign up to my coaching calls, but they don't like what they are getting. They wanted gentle guidance, but they get coaching.

A coach's job is to make you do what you don't want to do so you can have what you won't have if you do what you want to do.

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Another example of “unless.” One Word That Should Never Follow “I Love You”

allowingIt's been very difficult for me to bring examples to the phenomenon "or-ness", in spite of the fact that it is all over. I was trying to define it, but it's eluded me.

Here is an article I didn't write. It is a beautiful illustration of the principle or how to replace "or" with "and" and give birth to a lot better, a lot more loving life than it was before. Really nicely done:

It started with "I love you, but ..."

It could have been "I love you, but you're driving me crazy" or any of the following: "I love you, but you're not listening to me"; "I love you, but stop leaving dirty dishes in the sink"; or "I love you, but I need some alone time." I've begun many a sentence with those four words, and never paused for a moment to think about what they mean. What are we actually conveying when we begin a sentence like that?
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Conversations, intimacy, human connection: are you emotionally unavailable? Emotionally slutty?

65490-55932“Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself.” ~ Rumi

I offer private healing sessions to supplement my income. It is mainly a massage, a conversation, and sharing some of my observations for change.

I only see older people, mainly men. I don't like to work with women in this capacity. I don't enjoy their energy.

In my screening email exchange I look for two things:

  1. that their vibration is above a certain point, 170 seems to be the minimum, but sometimes I take an exception if a 150 feels right to me.

    I spend minutes connected to them, living in their shoes in their vibration, and if I find it miserable, or victim-like, I won't see them. I find a way to tell them I won't see them. I lie.

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12 steps toward becoming truly who you are: the Playground program

12-step programThe Playground program: the history

Back in 1988 when I first created the Playground: It is never too late to have a happy childhood, I'd just come out from participating in a 12-step program, similar to AA, but for people who suffered from the behavior of the alcoholic.

It turns out, that a troubled household with troubled parents creates the same symptoms as one with an alcoholic parent: a lack of safety. My parents weren't alcoholic, but their behavior was erratic. One day I was beaten up for a behavior, the next it was ignored... Nerve wrecking. There was nothing I could count on to be quasi permanent and reliable. It's a miracle that I didn't withdraw into schizophrenia.

What's good about 12-step programs?

Anyway, I liked the environment of a 12-step meeting: the meeting had principles, but it had no coaching, no rebuttal, no arguments, it was a very adult and equals program, as opposed to any other place in the world.
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