Do you know enough?

iStock_000014937781XSmall-300x223If you didn’t ask… “Know Enough For what?!” then you can consider that you are trapped, at the moment, by the question in the title.

That was the purpose of the title, by the way. To trap you.

While you read your article, to get the most out of it, allow yourself to find yourself in my experience, instead of agree or not agree… OK?

Every person with a mind (that is every person alive!) moves back and forth on a continuum (scale) of knowing enough or not knowing enough… Some days you feel you know everything, on others you feel you know nothing.
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Hope: public enemy. Ego’s way to keep you waiting

hope displaces actionYou have hopes, aspirations, you have dreams. Some have been around and with you since you were a little kid.

You keep them close to your vest, because without hope what have you? If you lost your hopes, you would have nothing, you feel… so you keep them close to your vest, you are protective of them.


If you took hope out, instead of hoping, you would, probably, have a sudden clarity about the fact that what you are doing and not doing are not in concert, not in harmony with your aspirations.
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Conversations, intimacy, human connection: are you emotionally unavailable? Emotionally slutty?

65490-55932“Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself.” ~ Rumi

I offer private healing sessions to supplement my income. It is mainly a massage, a conversation, and sharing some of my observations for change.

I only see older people, mainly men. I don’t like to work with women in this capacity. I don’t enjoy their energy.

In my screening email exchange I look for two things:

  1. that their vibration is above a certain point, 170 seems to be the minimum, but sometimes I take an exception if a 150 feels right to me.

    I spend minutes connected to them, living in their shoes in their vibration, and if I find it miserable, or victim-like, I won’t see them. I find a way to tell them I won’t see them. I lie.

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Authority: have you given it away?

you hand over the authorityIn your life you live as if you had no authority over your life.

Authority means: the power to call the shot. The power to make decisions, the power to have them carried out. The power to evaluate, accept or reject.

You have been instructed by family, schools, government, medical establishment, legal establishment, and gurus to hand over your authority to everyone and their brother.

You’ve been an idle mouthpiece to all these authorities. Not a single independent thought, not a single argument.

What do I mean? I mean the practice of looking who is speaking.
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You Wake Up In The Morning Only Because You Didn’t Die The Night Before

I woke up this morning because I didn't die the night before. I need coffee to face the day You Wake Up In The Morning Only Because You Didn’t Die The Night Before

There is a core group of people that come to every class, every meditation, read most of what I write.

You would expect them to rise steadily on the vibrational scale, wouldn’t you? I did.

To my dismay they aren’t. Why not? They are doing the work, right? You say. Maybe even they say that.

No. They don’t. They may pretend to do the work, but the work they do, is not the work to do.

Let me explain: The work to do is to restore the Original Design in your own life, and live it.
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