Rant alert! on food, on America, mainly. Just testing your TLB…

plumping with toxic waterYesterday’s article was about how inciting one segment of the population against another or others… and how this division has one purpose and one purpose only: to make more money for the 1% and impoverish the rest.

And it doesn’t matter which party wins the election, or the house, or anything… not one single politician isn’t it it for those 1% and for themselves, no matter what they say.

Here are some aspects of this, in the somewhat visible reality, visible for those who have eyes to see:

Nowadays most every food you can buy in a grocery store is bastardized in some harmful way.

  1. They pump water into chicken, beef, lamb, buffalo, so instead of it bake or fry… it boils and is tasteless. Restaurants dry the meat to make their steaks tastier… but drying the meat at home, even in the refrigerator is risky. I have tried… it didn’t quite work.

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