On the right to think… and not thinking as the path to evil

looks-like-youve-had-a-bit-too-much-to-think-support-your-local-thought-police-dont-speak-out-or-question-closed-minds-stop-thought-crimesSometimes I sit on a topic for days before I have the courage to write an article about it.

Why do I need courage, you ask? Because some topics go so much against the current power structure, that you can get ostracized, killed, deported… and only when one is clear and willing to take on those punishments, that one will be willing to open their mouths.

I watched a Netflix movie yesterday, Hannah Arendt, a German-American political theorist and thinker. Her claim to fame or infamy was her book or report on the Jerusalem trial of Adolph Eichmann in the 1960’s.
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How we end up marrying the wrong people

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales with his fiance Lady Diana SI am against marriage.

Anyone who is FOR the Original Design has to be against marriage. Marriage is a contract. It is a legal institution mandating that you don’t change, that you don’t seek your own path, that you enslave yourself to the other, to the shared.

Until this past Wednesday I believed that it’s society that wants you to be enslaved, that wants you to forgo 1 your individuality, your chance of a life as a Human Being, but a conversation with a student introduced me to an aspect I wasn’t aware of: the HUSBAND. And probably the WIFE in many cases.

In the conversation with this student I was introduced to marriage as ownership. Yeah I have seen it in movies. Yeah… but movies are movies… and the reality of this aspect of marriage didn’t hit me with full force until it was right there for me to see as a formidable opponent in me guiding my student to become an Expanding Human Being

Marriage is all about power

Marriage is all about power. Not personal power, political power… where politics is a term for “power over another”, or “power over others.” The stripping of others from their rights to be Human Beings… and reducing them to bumbling idiots, slaves, serfs, have not’s, lesser beings.

Politics is using another person for your own gratification, for your own “rise”, for your own benefit, without giving them value for value, equal rights.
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The “Racket” of transformation, transformational methods, programs, potions, transmissions, pills revealed

quiet desperation

Warning: I use all my articles as a vehicle for me to muddle through issues, to gain clarity, to distill the truth, to separate illusion from reality.

This article goes through a meandering path… and unless you follow the path closely, you won’t get to the result and get the same clarity, so you will be wasting your time.

If you don’t have the time to read this article attentively, don’t read it, it will make no sense in the end.

The juice is in the detail, the juice is in the journey, the scenery one can see… You’ve been warned.

Humanity lives in quiet desperation. Everyone. Even the rich and famous. They are aimless, purposeless, dissatisfied, judgmental, jealous and envious, craving love, craving sex, craving belonging, craving a sense of meaning. At times more than at others.

Was it always like this? Before our time? I don’t know. I actually think so. But I can’t know. My memories of another life are just memories, me-centered, so I don’t know what life was like for people. I know in every past life memory I lived in quiet desperation.
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