Is there an emotional guidance system the way Esther Hicks teaches it?

Let’s consider the possibility that Esther Hicks indeed is connected to some knowledge, some energy, and attempts to translate it to “English”. Meaning symbols… words.

Given her level of consciousness, her level of vibration (170), her level of accurate knowledge of how things work (3% accuracy), wisdom would have to get lost in the translation.

I have a personal example of what happens. In 1973 or so, I had a live-in boy friend who was writing his dissertation for his degree. He was a Philosophy major.

He wrote about Hegel, a German Philosopher.

I was a good typist, so I volunteered to type up his thesis as he was writing it. He would write at night, I would type up the previous night’s portion in the evening.
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Change… The hardest thing. Why? Do you really want to change? I didn’t think so.

If you wanted to change… if you actually wanted to change… so your life can change too… where would you make the change?

I just had a conversation with one of my students who shows promise to be able to change.

The conversation was about how to behave, what to do when you notice mistakes, mistakes YOU make.

Mistakes are like the fruit on the fruit bearing tree. Symptoms. Show what kind of tree you have…

On a side note: where do I look when I assess who will change and who will not?

I will look at two places:

  • 1. do they argue or offer explanations or excuses when they get feedback from me. Argument, explanations, and excuses are the sign of a foolish person who won’t take feedback, and either won’t change, or will do it to either curry approval from you, or to prove you wrong.
  • 2. An immediate testing tool is the 5-question exercise. If they do it, that is a very good sign that they will be willing to change.

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Why is it that you don’t like yourself, and your life?

drinkingMore conspiracy theories that can open your eyes

Could you identify the many ways you don’t like yourself and your life?

Most likely, these areas are areas where conspiracy distorted your behavior, distorted your thinking, distorted your expectations.

Consciously, willfully, with malicious intent.
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Low Vibration? High Vibration? What’s The Difference?

What is Low Vibration? What is High Vibration? Is it really vibration? Why should I have one rather than the other? Really?

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Muscle Testing Your Own Vibration

This is an article from five years ago

… Still valid as it was then…

You want to know your vibration. Or if I want to be more precise, your EGO wants to know. It’s a curiosity thing. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything else. Novelty, exciting, fleeting.

And you should want to know. Knowing where you are is mandatory if you want to get anywhere else. No map will do you any good unless you know where to put the big X on the map: here I am. Or sometimes: “Darn… here I am. I thought I was somewhere else…”

let me measure your vibration
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