Trump post truth world pdf

trump post truth worldWe do live in a post-truth, post integrity world. Trump post truth world.

One sign of that is the number of authors who lend their name to writers who have no name of their own, sometimes deservedly so, other times the borrower could just work his way up: they can actually write, but prefer to piggyback on bestselling authors.

But most borrowers are talentless and poor writers. Boring, colorless, style-less… bad writers.

I first encountered this phenomenon with Neal Stephenson… His ‘Mongols’ had segments written by stub-par ‘writers’, but his The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O was ‘co-authored’ by a woman, who, I guess, paid Neal Stephenson for his name and popularity. Wretched lady-writer crap…

Very few women write well… OK… very few men write well either.

Most people can’t tell good writing from bad writing… they can’t see the difference. A bad woman writer can appeal to women… I must not be really a woman… lol. Continue reading “Trump post truth world pdf”