If you can’t beat them… join them

Warning: lots of footnotes in this article!

I am Jewish...

Jewish people are not genetically smarter than non-Jews... In fact, no ethnic groups are genetically smarter than others. And yet, certain groups test better both on tests and in life.

The kind of smarts Jewish or, for example, Chinese or Korean, people manifest is LEARNED.
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Predatory genes revisited

My notes: maximum predatory genes: 8
psychopathy is more than just predatory genes.

Putin and Trump have both 8 predatory genes, while Putin is NOT a psychopath.

research, science is often guessing

certain cultures higher number of predatory genes

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Are Psychopaths happy?

It seems that the notion of predatory genes has stirred up some turmoil... and questions.

  • Some were arguing that it doesn't make sense that I carry no predatory genes: i seem to you aggressive.
  • Some were worried that their lack of success is from their lack of predatory genes.
  • Some were sure Jews had many predatory genes. Why else would they be so successful!

Want to know how many predatory genes you have? I can measure it for you...

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The predatory genes — audio fixed I hope

predatory genesA lot of things will get clearer with this new distinction... even though I have only a cursory sense of what I am talking about. But Source does, so some of the muscle test will leave you with your mouth hanging open. Guaranteed.

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