It’s Tuesday… it’s garbage day on my street…

It’s not communism or socialism that is the enemy of freedom and prosperity. It is authoritarian systems.

Authoritarianism=my way of the highway.

I have lived in socialism. People may be lazy there, but creativity, thinking differently, individuality, ability and productiveness is not penalized… Maybe Russia was different. I lived in Hungary.

At this point Hungary’s system is really kleptocracy… stealing power, stealing stuff, stealing rights, stealing freedoms. We are seeing that in the USA happening… I hear that they are copying Hungary, a tiny country in the middle of Europe.

But in authoritarian systems who is calling the shots are the freeloaders. The looters, the moochers, the people who want something for nothing. The enemies of thinking, the enemies of originality, the enemies of production. Continue reading “It’s Tuesday… it’s garbage day on my street…”

The invisible difference between a producer and you… is in the how dimension of life

The secret of producers in the invisible (both to you and them!) dimension. They do something differently from you… and they don’t even know it. I am an empath… and I feel what you do, and I feel what they do… I feel your how…

One area where the two how’s are strikingly different is your self-image. This is crucial… by the way. So please pay attention.

I won’t charge you a million dollars, even though it would be worth it.

You are who you are, the many different characteristics that describe what you do, how you feel, what you go for, and what you shun… are all a result of decisions you made when you were upset, in trouble, and when your brain misbehaved. Continue reading “The invisible difference between a producer and you… is in the how dimension of life”