The bridge building process nobody teaches

Introducing The bridge building process to get from where you are to where you want to be

One of the hardest thing for people, as I see, is to come up with the bridge between a dream and actions.

You can have the most amazing plan for the future, for a business, if you don’t know what actions to take to get there the dream will remain a dream… unfulfilled.

In my participation in Landmark Education courses and programs I always volunteered to be group leader or coach…

The biggest issue people faced, even if they didn’t talk about it, is the unbridgeable gap between where they were and where they wanted to be.

It is painful for everyone, but if you are in a program that ‘forces you’ to create a vision, then it is even more painful. It is discouraging, damaging to your self-image: you feel like the odd man out, the only loser.

But please know: this is totally normal. What is missing is not your fault: what is missing is a process. A process to get to the core of things… so you can build some legs… Continue reading “The bridge building process nobody teaches”

Process-conscious vs result-conscious… fulfillment every day vs one day someday

I have a brain that is a pattern seeking machine.

A pattern is when something is repeating, form, essence, pitch, sequence, day of the week, month of the year, etc… something that connects seemingly unconnected things together.

Seeing patterns can save lives, and animals living in the wild still have the capacity, but humans living in a comfortable world, have lost it… to their detriment.

Often the activity is called: connecting the dots… Even if Steve Jobs says: it is only possible to connect the dots backwards. He talks about different dots… he talks about the cause and effect type of dots, not the patterns. Continue reading “Process-conscious vs result-conscious… fulfillment every day vs one day someday”

The top of the mountain view: gets rid of the brain fog…

One of the things I teach people I coach is to do things differently than they would instinctively do.

One customary way to build a project is from the bottom up.

Let’s look at a dissertation, a paper, an article, a book. Or climbing a mountain. Or building a software app.

What is in common among them is that you’ll have an idea, then parts, processes, and then an end result.

I normally teach this through the example of climbing a mountain.

Why? Because standing on the top of the mountain is a different view than standing at the foot of the mountain.
Continue reading “The top of the mountain view: gets rid of the brain fog…”