What is Transformation? How it’s like an onion…

What is Transformation?

On the very outside of the onion called transformation, is the ‘wow’ layer. Wow… what just happened? Wow… that’s not how I’ve been seeing it… An experience.

It is miraculous. It is reality changing in front of your very eyes. Continue reading “What is Transformation? How it’s like an onion…”

Information is like milk. It tends to go bad over time

information is like milk... soured-milkInformation, knowledge, possibility, attitude, skill, capacity… they, all, in one way or another, are information. And they behave like milk. They go sour… useless… bad.

You may want to ask the question before you research, buy information, ask questions: ‘am I doing this just in case I’ll need it later or am I doing this because I need this to move forward right now.Continue reading “Information is like milk. It tends to go bad over time”

How you too could start making learning useful

entrepreneur: forrest gump learned just in timeAbout 10 percent of my readers are entrepreneurial minded… the rest… something else.

As I am shifting my focus to whom I can really help, new issues are coming up…

Growing is being entrepreneurial… by the way. Remember? There is growth mindset and there is fixed mindset

And if you have the ambition to grow, you have to watch out for guidance. But you need to remember that Life, the spirit, or whatever it is that wants to guide you does that often in a very subtle way.

I have written about how I experience guidance, but for now I just mention one of them: a sentence I heard back in 2006, and it just popped up again out of nowhere. ‘Learning just in case vs learning just in time‘. One is a waste or time and a pretense, the other is a lifesaver.

Another guidance came just a few weeks ago in a podcast: Don’t start a business, start a project.

Now put the two sentences together and Voilà a really clear guidance.

When you start a project the world shifts. Dramatically.

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