Anxiety is spiritual. My energy audios can zap your anxiety

here and now anxiety Being here and now has been a favorite topic of all the gurus.

What is a guru? A guru is a person who can teach. I said teach, I didn’t say just talk!

All the gurus I know are big talkers.

What is the difference between talking and teaching?

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You can’t fix being human… you can’t get out of life alive

lying-to-continueYou can’t fix being human

..that is one of the disappointing things you learn when you do work with me. I won’t feed you baloney like “you are a spiritual being having a human experience…” and other garden variety horse manure.

The other half-sentence is just as disappointing: “you can’t get out of this life alive…”

These two half-sentences address 70% of the popular delusions of humanity.

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Powerful Debriefing: How to be a winner regardless

One of the major differences between winners and losers: winners have the ability to look at reality, and look long enough so all the filters get revealed and they actually see things for what they are.

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I am still working on kindness. And will continue until I get good at it.

By the way, this is exactly how I “dealt with” the tens of spiritual capacities in the past 30 plus years: “chew” on one until I got all the juice out of it.

Spiritual capacities are a lot like a language: with each new one a whole new world, a whole new understanding becomes available. A whole new person. A whole new way of looking at the world.

I’ve read somewhere that schizophrenia and speaking several languages are intimately connected: the new language brings about as much change as if you were had grown a new personality… They probably should have written: multiple personality disorder… Disorder smisorder… Bah.

I am speaking about the miraculous switching ability of perspective, of understanding… the capacity underlying kindness. Where at a moment’s notice the “kind” person moves their perspective to include the place from where the other is speaking. Or in the parlance of the Partnership Course, they can change the field inside which to listen.
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Want to become an expanding human being? Suggestions: Act like one!

become an expanding human beingYesterday I wrote an article, and asked you to recommend a course of action for the mother in the article with the female child…

Many of you have asked me before: how can I raise my vibration? What shall I do to build skills? Where should I start to find my life’s work that I would love to do?

My standard answer has been: keep alert, keep aware, life is full of training and growth opportunities. You take a path, keep your eyes open, and grow in the process.

Taking that challenge, placing yourself in the position of the mother was an excellent way for you to see if you have been giving lip service to growth or you are actually committed to grow.
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Your brain will help you become an Expanding Human Being

tools and techniques for self developmentSummary: Most of us don’t know who we really are. What we really want. Where to start, what to do to become an expanding human being… Here is an exercise that can be really helpful, and you could start exercising the faculties that will lead you to clarity of who you are and what you want.

“The most complex problems can be stripped to their essence through unemotional critical thinking. Successful problem solvers simplify complex problems while seeking kindergarten solutions” ~ Steve Siebold

The complex problem I have been struggling with is how to teach people to start using their faculties, start to use their brain for what it is really good for, instead of searching for answers outside of them, instead of asking questions from others.

A simple solution showed up in a conversation with a client today.
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