How to grow from where you are begins with…

why-do-i-succeedI’ve been quiet.

I am working through some stuff… nothing personal, it’s about you. It’s about what to teach you. How to teach you. It’s about seeing, in more detail, and more precisely what is the truth about you, so I can talk to you the way you can hear me.

The more precisely I can “diagnose” what is the situation with you, the more effective my message and my teaching can be.

But, it seems no matter how precise my teaching, it is not really up to me, or my teaching, what will happen to you or your life.

It is up to you. Your actions, your attitude, your “undeclared commitment” in life.

Undeclared commitment is an insidious energy. It is the undertow that is like a stream… it is underwater, can’t be seen, but takes every ship off path, until they are discovered, mapped, and compensated for.
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How does an empath coach you differently?

Why you should have an empath re-evaluate the stuff you learn… the stuff others teach?

The obvious reason is because I can reliably muscle test if something is true or not.

But the less obvious reason is more important:

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What will save you in this tanking economy: three moves anyone can learn


How to be the eye of the storm calm… Three moves you can learn and practice

Everything is moved by the invisible… where all the power is. Some are just one layer below the surface, some are deeper… but all the same, all changes, all movements, all phenomena comes from there, the invisible.

Do I see all the forces in the invisible that jerk on your chains? I don’t.

But be sure that your efforts to manage the visible, in reaction to what you see, is misdirected.

Let’s look at the economy in the wake of an election.

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The in-order-to syndrome that wastes your life… Do you have it?

dessertWhy were you happy as a child and what you lost that you could regain?

Children live for the now moment, until they get corrupted by their parents.

They do what they do NOT in order to get something else, not in order to get it over with, to get to the promised land…

Christmas and vegetables are the first means to destroy joy in children.

How many days till Christmas makes the days till Christmas something to get through, so the real thing, Christmas can come along.

And eating your vegetables so you can get to the promised land of dessert… You are doing that to your children… you are doing that to yourself. Other examples: get good grades so you can get into a good school… Study to get good grades… Study so you can dazzle by having the right answers… Recognize yourself?
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Why do you covet what belongs to another?

Why do you want what belongs to another? Why do you envy, why are you jealous? Do you know?

Note: although I am talking about myself, you WANT TO recognize yourself. If you have a struggle with weight, or with anything, the answer, surprisingly lies here… and once you get this monkey off your back, you’ll get the weight melt away, you will start getting what you want, by going for it. Continue reading “Why do you covet what belongs to another?”

A second look at the glass ceilings… or what I saw today at the skill finding workshop

burning-moneyMy takeaways from session One of my skill workshop

Some of my students are struggling to make real headway in the world, because they haven’t been able to see where their abilities could make them a success.

Although I haven’t lead the “What color is your parachute” skill finder workshop in years, I decided to gift them with a really low priced opportunity to do that workshop live with me.

I didn’t know what to expect. What I got is so much different, and so much more than what I thought could come out of that workshop… at least from the first session.

Insight #1: I got a whole new insight about IQ.

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What is the Self? Part 5: Powerful/Powerless


The fake self lives for extremes. It lives for definition: in definition there is safety. Also there is the bait: fix it if you don’t like it.

The Self is fluid. It knows that in the undefined lies the freedom, the ability to live fully, to put all power in all action, to live for no reason, to rejoice for no reason, to love for no reason.

As I have predicted, I am having a lot of stuff coming up. I live in a two-family house. I live upstairs, and I have pay extra for the right to park my car in the driveway.

I don’t have a car, but I feel, that I am paying for the parking right, so I don’t want the downstairs tenant to park his car there… He’s started to park his car there a few days ago. It seems that the landlord is encouraging it. I am seething. I am furious. I am experiencing myself powerless: all known ways of revenge are illegal, outright criminal.
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