My advanced students are now focusing in on soul correction.

climbing the tree of lifeWhat is soul correction and why would the “divine” part of you need correction?

Let me explain:

The Universe has three energetic components: the positive, the negative, and the neutral.

This repeats itself on every level, the micro and the macro…

On the macro level the positive, giving component is The Force. The negative, receiving component are the souls, and the neutral/restrictive component is the individual’s consciousness.
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Reframing: our tool for creating

You’ve heard of the expression: like a deer caught in the headlights syndrome: frozen, seeing the world one way with no escape route.

Most people live their whole lives in that state: see the world in a fixed way.

To one degree or another we are all are like that.

The more of your life is lived in that state, the more powerless you feel, the less options, the less choices you see.

You can examine any two people with different results in life and you’ll see that they are stuck in one view of the world, but their view is different.

Obviously, having new choices, having new options, having different actions available to you is a good thing if you want to have a life worth living.

People who feel out of control, people who feel that they don’t have a say in what happens to them, are people with depression.

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Starting Point Measurements profile analysis #2

Starting Point Measurements profile analysis #2

The subject of this starting point measurements is young, still in school. Yet I don’t know her.

Because she is so young, I went into more details than I normally would, because it is going to be easier for her to change and get on the strait and narrow that leads to a good life, than for an adult. It is also a guidance more for the mother than for herself: I don’t even know if she knows that I measured her starting point measurements.

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Quantum Physics says: reality is what you believe it to be… And belief is a choice

Sometimes I get really lucky. And if I am ready, prepared, open, and eager for the gift, I can get it, harvest it, and life becomes brighter, by a lot. Clearer… by a lot.

This is what happened to me this morning.

I got up at 5:20. The other option was to sleep another hour and a half… and oversleep… So I got up. Better sleep less than more (read my Depression article to see why.)

Chilly morning… sweater and pants, big glass of Energized Water… I am ready for my email… And no, I don’t stretch, I don’t exercise, I don’t meditate… I go to my email and connect. Connect to All-of-it and to my people.

The first email is from a woman who is disappointed in me because I didn’t provide her with love, and warmth, and appreciation of how great she is. Hm.

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Can you heal yourself? Holographic universe or intelligent universe?

asimov-quote-beliefs-realityMy habit is to read one or two non-fiction books, cover to cover, the old fashioned way, and then about 600 pages worth of fiction.

My choice of fiction is historical novels, mostly. I like the short and sweet novellas 60-120 page long pieces, from the Foreworld Saga, that for me started with the book Mongoliad.

These books are perfect for me. They are fantastical. They always have heroes, and incredible odds, and the characters are larger than life.

Just like I used the Medium series to learn how to hold guidance, I am using these books to show me how guidance can be even more difficult to see ahead of time, and why it is so important to surrender one’s immediate agenda to guidance.

Download the pdf version of this article to your computer… Link at the end of the article

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Humans are vibrational beings

The internet is full of crap, and the so called gurus talk most of it. All second-hand crap.

This phrase: humans are vibrational beings, on the surface is truth… but if you scratch it, it is unscientific, nonsensical, pretentious, and misleading. And misleading is the main tool of fakes, frauds, and impostors.

In quantum physics, the current state of knowledge in physics, everything depends on the observer: and a “thing” can be physical, or matter, or a wave… depending on the observer’s expectation.

I guess this is the basis of this stupid statement. If you look at yourself as a vibrational being, then you are… now what?
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Caterpillar, what does it take to enter butterfly state?

insight-must-precede-applicationI read my Rob Brezsny horoscope every Tuesday morning. I use it as guidance, I use it as a possible context for my next week.

Last week my horoscope was:
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More Vibrational Reviews: Carolyn Cooper, Mas Sajady, 9D Clearing, Aaron Murakami, Fred Alan Wolf, James Allen, Amy Flynn

When you can’t do your own thinking you come to the “expert”. It’s OK, but this is how you live your life… you may want to do some of your own thinking… If you “believe” me you’ll believe anyone.

Here is a new batch of vibrational reviews, all requested by readers of this blog.

Carolyn CooperCarolyn Cooper has what she calls the Simply Healed Method
Carolyn Cooper personal vibration: 180; her method: 170; my personal take on it: it is a hodge podge of bs.
Mas SajadyMas Sajady: Session with Success Energizer. Personal vibration: 200; Method: 170. Did he have a near death experience: no. Probably charismatic and people believe him. But he is just an operator. Continue reading “More Vibrational Reviews: Carolyn Cooper, Mas Sajady, 9D Clearing, Aaron Murakami, Fred Alan Wolf, James Allen, Amy Flynn”

Why and how the hit-bottom method works? And how you can alter the future with it…

hitting-bottomWhy and how the hit-bottom method works?

It is easy to see in reality how the hit-bottom method works: when you hit bottom, you stop and look. You look long enough to make an intelligent decision about the next step to take. You take yourself out of reaction mode and put all your attention on the now moment, completely get the situation, and then act, also from intelligence.

If you recall, I learned this from experiencing it some 50 years ago when a lightening hit the water next to my kayak and pulled both my kayak and myself deep into its vortex.

The kayak promptly broke because it resisted. I, on the other hand, allowed the water to take me down without resistance. When I hit bottom, some 8 meters later, I allowed my knees to collapse, I soberly and consciously looked, I identified the center of the vortex, I deliberately kicked myself away from it, and survived to tell the story.

The same method, hitting bottom, is applicable in business, and every other place in life, also in relationships, choosing life direction, etc.

Hitting bottom is a mindset. I could have died in that incident hadn’t I had the hitting bottom mindset. The air in my lungs would not have been enough for “trying” to get away, “trying” to get afloat… I would have surely drowned.

I have been teaching this, but people don’t get to experience the power of this method. First they don’t get the mindset, second their ego doesn’t allow them to practice the mindset, third they are not able to pull all their awareness into the present moment.

This has been one of the most puzzling things for me all these years, until yesterday.

You see, until yesterday I didn’t realize that there are three components that all need to be present for someone to be able to pull this off.
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Gaia’s Daughter of Truth, 16 Dec 2011 – The Ascension Path

And at that time, if you told yourself (in your mind) something like: “It’s okay to feel this way Love, you’ve had a rough day/week/time, and you just do not have the energy to be able to raise your vibration to that level right now.

Let me measure your vibration?
Click on the link to request a vibrational reading…
The Map of Consciousness will show you what it means.