Becoming like god where you create with your word.

With regards to the title… I am not suggesting that you become like Jesus… but become like the Creator, who supposedly said: there shall be light… or whatever he said… This Creator created with his word. That is the god I mean…

The main difference between a human and a human being, the next level of human evolution, is an inner difference. Not biological, physical, physiological. Instead a difference in what tells the one and the other to do things, what attitude to have, how to do things.

Humans listen to memes, the voices. Voices that are not the human’s friends, voices that have no rhyme and reason, voices that make the human misbehave, and take actions that on the long run make him miserable.

Humans say things, but they don’t stick. They violate their own word, human word is cheap. Why? Because a random voice comes around and overwrite it. That’s why. Continue reading “Becoming like god where you create with your word.”

Can Addictions Be Cured By Energy Treatments, Meditation, Law of Attraction, Even Activation? Any Idea? Read This Post To Be Surprised…

Addiction-imageWe are all addicted. How dare you say that? Well, if you live in the 21st Century, you are addicted. How come? Because addiction is simply pleasure seeking behavior. The hunt for more endorphins.

There are two kinds of pleasure:

  1. Seeking for excitement or other dopamine releasing activity or substance
  2. seeking for the cessation of some discomfort or pain. Ask a person who is in pain and ask what they want. They won’t say: I want a shot of whiskey. They will say: I want this pain to stop. That is also pleasure seeking behavior, just like:Escape from depression.
    Escape from the noise of the world.
    Escape from your troubles.
    Escape from your pressing duties.
    Escape from your debts, worries, pain, anxiety, phobias, fears, guilt, etc. is all pleasure seeking activity.

Which makes us all addicted. To different things, to different degrees, but yet…
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Energies Part 4: Designer and Source energies

remembering all-of-itIn this article we’ll talk about the source of the many energies, and examine what they do.

  1. Energies that come from Source, from All-of-it, generate harmony.

    If you read the description of all the energies I embed in audios or in water, all of them are elimination type energies. None of them give you anything that’s not already there.

    What is between you and between being in harmony with All-of-it is man-made

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Will Hypnosis work to change your mind so you can be happy, successful, thin, and pretty? My story…

hypnosisMy first experience with anything working, anything successfully modifying my world was around 1977. I was 30 years old. I worked in a huge factory that manufactured steel products for construction.

I was an architect, but made a mistake, an error in judgment, and fell to the bottom of the professional pile, got terribly depressed, and had to start all over again.

The professional office occupied the whole sixth floor, no partitions, just a sea of drafting boards with lots and lots of drawings on them.

For an empath there is no worse environment. You lose touch with who you are, what you feel, and drawn in a sea of other people’s feelings, other people’s identities. I felt a descent to madness.

My “desk” was at the furthest corner of the big room, and I had to navigate my way passing twenty-thirty drafting boards to get to the door to go to the bathroom, to a meeting, to lunch. I started seeing things, doors to open, threatening shadows, it was hell.

One afternoon I decided to get help.

A big factory like this had a medical office, so I went down there, no appointment: emergency.

The doctor, an older rugged individual, took me to an empty examination room, told me to take the couch till he would come back.

I was sobbing uncontrollably. When he came back he prescribed something for me, shots, and told me to come back every day at 10.

I bought the shots, and did as he said.

The second morning I noticed that my insides were starting to perk up at 9:30.A few minutes before 10 I was in the parking lot to go over to the medical building. It was a sunny morning. What’s in this shot that makes my body perk up like that? I wondered, and stopped to read the tiny tiny print on the box. blah blah blah codeine… Whatever codeine is, I don’t want it! I said. Gently placed the box on the pavement, and jumped on it with both feet, crushing the small ampoules in it.
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How do you get out of the mind… and why is Osho 300 and I am 990 on the consciousness scale?

Two questions are answered in this article

  1. What can you do to get out of your mind and back to the flow, so you and your life are part of the flow and start feeling like your life is worth living?
  2. Why is Osho’s vibration 300 and mine 990? (this is an interesting question, because I’ve learned from Osho, factually, more than from any other teacher.)

What can you do to get out of your mind?

Getting out of your mind has two steps

  1. Step one: becoming aware that you use your mind for everything. It’s can be compared to having a hammer: everything looks like a nail. So you are going to approach everything like it’s a nail. But eating your food is a lot more effective with a fork and a knife, typing on the keyboard works better with your bare fingers, brushing your teeth is effective with a tooth brush and very ineffective with a hammer.And this brings up the question you haven’t asked yet: what is the organ of awareness? It is surely not the mind: the mind is not able to be aware of itself.

    Until you find the “organ” or tool of awareness, you are stuck in the mind.
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Raise Your Vibration: 4 Modalities That Work: Tr., Pam Ragland, Dianetics, And Activator Downloads

the visual signs of higher vibration raise your vibration Please remember that this case study is concerned with one aspect: does the modality raise your vibration permanently. That is the only question I answer here, that is my only concern.

Why? Because there are tons of life-coaches, lots of “transformational” programs, lots of spiritual teachers, lots of meditation, yoga, brain-entrainment, etc. programs are out there that create a feel-good effect, but the effect isn’t lasting, and you have to go back for more.

What do I mean?

Examples of stuck states

Let me give you a few examples: A friend of mine follows a guru. She even became one of the “master teachers” of the guru’s energy modality.

She goes to these weekends and comes back, high as a kite… but comes down crashing. She is taking more and more time out of her business to “seek” enlightenment.

Her main issues of avoiding risk, and being alone aren’t solved, but she keeps going back..

An ex teacher of mine, today a mastermind partner, is exhausted again. She is yelling at her husband. She is worried. She works from the moment she wakes up till she crashes at night.

When I examine, she is running on old patterns, like a puppet on a string, battling some invisible scarcity monster that won’t let up. She has had many coaches, but the situation is getting worse… the real issue isn’t addressed.

What’s predictable is that she will never get off the war-path till she dies.

Another acquaintance of mine wants to be successful, make money, travel the world, be a sought after “transformational” coach.

In the 10 years I’ve been watching her, she has avoided learning anything. She hasn’t read a book from cover to cover. She watches videos on youtube and reads articles on blogs, and then sends them to me.

She hasn’t made any useful action in the direction of her goal… She is continually trapped in lala land of self-delusion.

The underlying craving for success, and the underlying fear of failure, fear of finding out that she is not as good as she thinks she is causes her life to be hellish.

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Vibrational Review: Quantum Thought Shifting With Pam Ragland

Pam Ragland Quantum Thought Shifting Update 1/14/2012

Vibrational Review: updated on 3/15/2015

Pam Ragland personal vibration: 295 re-measured on April 27, 2014: vibration is 200 3/15/2015: 170
quantum thought shifting methodology: 200
truth value of teaching: 2%

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Vibrational Review: Holosync

bill harris holosync meditation

Bill Harris personal vibration: 210 (3/15/15) has risen since I first measured it
Holosync free disc (efficacy): 7% (200 vibration). But it does a particular job really well… it wakes up the brain that it is not in touch with reality…
Holosync whole program truth value: 2%
Holosync as methodology and theory for self-growth: truth value: 7%

Holosync is a mechanical operation, a lot like breathing, that may leave you with permanent improvement of your machine, your brain.
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Did Your Personality Get Put Together vs. You Were Born That Way?

I got a thank you note today. I get quite a few of those, I must admit.

They are a great way for me to track how the methodologies and principles I use in my teaching work. I mean, how effective I am, how effective the methods are. They track my ability to make a difference in the world. (Someone please remind me to write about how I view my making a difference… OK?)

This note reads

Today was a huge success. I did not even recognize myself. I was attempting to have a conversation with my sister when she became extremely aggressive upon trying to control me and failing. She was in my face yelling and pacing around in circles. I remained calm and did not attempt to defend myself as the lies flew at me. I was able to stick to the subject and not accuse. At this point her husband jumped in and tried to intimidate me, pointing his finger in my face and yelling. They both looked like mad men ganging up on me. I did not raise my voice or get emotional. This is the first time in my life I had no fear in a confrontational situation and it felt GREAT! To be honest I think it frightened my sister & her husband. They did not know what to think of me, I have had many weaknesses in the past but now I am strong.

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