Prison Break? What prison are you in unbeknownst to you?

Prison Break or the Art of Questions…

What could someone do when the world, your health, your body, your relationships are not going the way they should… do anything other than be complacent, resigned, live in quiet desperation?

I always had this question, but reading the Fatemarks series the question is getting louder in my head.

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Are questions a good way to make you think? More questions…

Here are even more questions you can ask of yourself…

This is the third article in this series, and No feedback, so far, so I assume you just read the questions and answered the way you answer everything, without looking…

  1. Do I listen to others?
  2. What do they have to say about that?
  3. Am I listening to how what they say fit?
  4. Am I listening to what they are up to this time?
  5. Am I listening if I agree or not?
  6. Am I really listening or just waiting for them to finish so I can speak?
  7. Do I only talk to people to give them a piece of my mind or to tell them what to do? If so, do I listen for the echo while I talk to them?
  8. Do I know if what I said was heard or not?
  9. Do I pray only when I want something?
  10. Do I see people only when I need or want something?
  11. Do I think only of myself?
  12. Do I think of prayer as a food order at McDonald’s?
  13. Do I procrastinate? Or just putting off things?
  14. Do things pile up around me? Dreams, plans, aspirations… in a pile of broken dreams?
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