What if power is an illusion and so is powerlessness?

heaven on earth energy remedyIf we look at power as the speed with which someone makes something happen, and not as control as many think it means… you’ll see that you always have power… On a scale of 1-100.

So you have power… but what do you use it for? That is the most important question.

The Heaven on Earth is an energy remedy that I used to sell by the thousands both on my site and on Amazon.com… but nowadays I don’t promote it, so I sell it only infrequently.

The 6 ounce nice brown oval bottle has filtered water and two energies, nothing else. It is energized to coherence (653 vibration) and the other energy is the HOE, Heaven on Earth that has the energy form of all the 43 Bach energies.

I had an order to fill today, so I reached for two bottles of the remedy… Continue reading “What if power is an illusion and so is powerlessness?”