Your Biggest Pain Is Your Biggest Blessing, or How To Awaken The Soul’s Desire

your soul is your responsibilityIn this 2011 article I will show you how I connected to Soul, and through that connection how I have been able to awaken the desire to connect.

As I have said in other articles, desire is necessary to open the spigot of light… Desire opens and closes this spigot, and you can control desire.

The biggest issue is to awaken this desire: it is not active in Soul.

All the modalities, all the methodologies that talk about soul’s desire, try to cause your conscious self’s desire, and that desire doesn’t open the spigot. This is how I did it…

In 2010, October, I took a program, called the Landmark Forum, for the 20th time.

Why on earth would I do something for 20 times? Well, there was something that I wanted to uncover, that in all the Landmark programs I had never able to get a glimpse of. I wanted to discover how come that in spite of all my talents, in spite of all my diligence, I was never able to stay above “just over broke.”

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Becoming like god where you create with your word.

With regards to the title… I am not suggesting that you become like Jesus… but become like the Creator, who supposedly said: there shall be light… or whatever he said… This Creator created with his word. That is the god I mean…

The main difference between a human and a human being, the next level of human evolution, is an inner difference. Not biological, physical, physiological. Instead a difference in what tells the one and the other to do things, what attitude to have, how to do things.

Humans listen to memes, the voices. Voices that are not the human’s friends, voices that have no rhyme and reason, voices that make the human misbehave, and take actions that on the long run make him miserable.

Humans say things, but they don’t stick. They violate their own word, human word is cheap. Why? Because a random voice comes around and overwrite it. That’s why. Continue reading “Becoming like god where you create with your word.”

Your mutt factor… and food processing. Questions answered

Why certain spices, food mixes, supplements, when I check them for you (or me), are counter indicated?

There are quite a few factors…

One of them is your “mutt-factor”.

Your mutt factor is how close your DNA is to what it was ten thousand generations ago

That is 200,000 years.

Depending on how much of your oldest ancestral DNA remained matching your current DNA: you are sensitive or not to “modern” food models, chemicals, preservatives, drying agents.

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If you are one of my students who isn’t getting better… Or not as fast as you hoped you would

did-not-come-to-stop-hereIf you are one of my students who isn’t getting better… Or not as fast as you hoped you would, you should ask the question: Why you won’t follow a system, why you lie, why you’ll never amount to anything worthwhile?

This article will attempt to point you to some answers…

Our tendency to socialize and spend time with people with our lesser (at least in our not so humble opinion) is so strong, and so “normal”, that I expect you not to recognize it in yourself.

Why? Because the desire to do that does not come from our conscious self, it comes from our “other than conscious” self, the selfish gene.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Coherence to incoherence… the path to becoming zombie


Warning: if you like your glass half filled, if you are a positive thinker, if you are optimistic, if you think hope is good, then please don’t read this article: it will attack your world at its core.

A society or a species that can have coherence and maintain that coherence is a species that survives most any calamity.

If you want to destroy a species (or and individual) you need to introduce incoherence.

Incoherence means: stuff is there that doesn’t fit. That doesn’t work well with the rest of the organism. That conflicts with the goals of the organism.

How is incoherence introduced?

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It’s Too Late To Dig A Well When You Are Thirsty or Shall I Pray That Hitler Comes Back?

maybe holocausts have been training drills to teach us to connect but we failed to understand or refused It’s Too Late To Dig A Well When You Are Thirsty

If Hitler had asked the Germans to connect to Source: would they have done it?
If the Pope asked the Christians to connect to God: would they do it?

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Raise Your Vibration: The Original Design

original design vitruvian man leonardo da vinci The Universe had an original design. Though I grew up not believing that, I have seen proof, evidence, and other convincing signs that today I consider myself someone who helps return humanity to the original design.

Here is what I believe to be true:

In the beginning there was only the Light. It had an abundance of energy, and it was giving it to nothing… there was no other entity, no recipient, it was just energy flowing.

For eons this was fine, but one day the Light had this new “thought”: I can create a Vessel. I will create the Vessel to be the recipient of my light.

So it did, and then, for eons, it was wonderful. The Light did what the Light liked to do, give its light without any restriction, and the Vessel received it, and it was all good. Very good.

But there was a glitch in the system: because there was nothing else but light, the Vessel was made of that raw material too, and it had, in its DNA the desire to give. And with the light it was receiving, this hidden desire to give got stronger and stronger, until one day…

The Vessel said: Enough. I want to earn the light I receive. I want to be able to give light myself.

The Light withdrew itself to an infinitely small spot and then expanded, with a Big Bang, and a Universe got created where, because of the physical nature of that Universe, there was plenty of vessel type energy.

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