What books do I read for fun, and to keep my brain fit?

  1. John Ellsworth
  2. Sheldon Siegel
  3. Paul Levine
  4. Blake Banner
  5. Brett Battles
  6. Michael Leese
  7. Michael C Grumley
  8. Douglas E Richards
  9. Lee Goldberg
  10. Barry Eisler
  11. Eric Bernt
  12. Tim Tigner
  13. Robert Bailey
  14. David Archer
  15. Matthew Iden

In addition to these people, I read every book from JK Rowling aka Robert Galbraith, from Neal Stephenson, and from Michael Connelly. These authors’ books are not free.

I have the kindle version (pirated) for many of these books. Just ask.

If there is a need, I can also list the non-fiction books that I enjoyed… Enjoyment is my main criteria in choosing books.

Unless you can repeat the words, you didn’t get it, you didn’t learn it, it is not useful…

If you never learn… then most likely you are a SKIMMER

Most people read, listen, watch, and don’t, can’t recall names, places, and the exact words in a book, and audio or a video.

And yet, most people feel that they learned something… while in essence they were, maybe, impressed, but didn’t learn.

When I recommend my students an audio program to use as their tool for growth, especially to keep some capacities on, people fail to use those that way… just as they think they are looking, they think they see when they look at things, but they don’t.

I am not sure why, but people don’t pay attention to most anything, and that is why they are so low vibration, low everything, because they don’t even mean to. Continue reading “Unless you can repeat the words, you didn’t get it, you didn’t learn it, it is not useful…”

Rocks, pebbles, and sand… what is your life organized around?

rock pebbles sandSome of my students pondered my article from yesterday and asked themselves: why am I not reading?

One found something that may be the reason billions of people don’t read: by the time they would get to reading, they are too tired. They are spent.

The priority they assign to reading is low.

Normal lives are full of stuff to do that some meme says: you must do. Take a shower every day, for example. Many people even wash their hair every day. Read the newspaper. Do your shopping when you need something. Drive your kid to activities.

Cut coupons. Check facebook, your email, chat, watch cat videos. 1

Continue reading “Rocks, pebbles, and sand… what is your life organized around?”