Are feelings and emotions the same? Do you know?

Telling them apart will make you a happier, more accomplished person!

Why all techniques of increasing Emotional Intelligence are b.s…

…and not effecting the level of happiness, the level of well-being of people who practice it.

Same is true about the Emotional Guidance System of Abraham/ Hicks… b.s. and ineffective. Why? Because they are trying to change the fruits instead of the roots… Putting makeup on syphilitic lesions. 1 Or pimples, if you are squeamish…

Feelings are clean. They do four simple things. Make you go for it, make you stop, direct you towards pleasure and away from pain… They are the seed level. The foundation. 2Feelings are what guides you as an organism to feed yourself, to procreate, to stay safe, or to fight. To have a community to belong to, and to have enough information so you know what to do[/note.]

Emotions are a construct on the top of them, created by words, created by marker feelings, and are a veritable mess.
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How you dampen the fire that motivates you to grow

I came up with the expression “top 10% of your mind” many years ago, when I was teaching the What Color is Your Parachute workshop.

It is said that you only use 5% of your brain. But, of course, you use  your brain most of the time, but not for something worth using a precision instrument even the stupidest person possesses. Continue reading “How you dampen the fire that motivates you to grow”

Learned Helplessness: 50% of humanity is a wuss, a sissy

Learned Helplessness: 50% of humanity is a wuss, a sissy… a cry-baby. In 1945 it was 7%… In Jesus’ time it was 1%

Learned helplessness, this is today’s topic. The opposite of ‘Bring it on…!’ Your life depends on which is your dominant attitude.

Which attitude will get you what you want?

No contest, I hope, learned helplessness will get you more of the same.

50% of the world’s population behaves like they can’t handle it. It is learned helplessness… it is not innate. But it feels innate…

But it is, in reality, a reflex built and initiated by parents, religion, school, and politics.

The ‘I can’t handle it’ reflex, like Pavlov’s dog salivating at the sound of the bell, whether there is food there or not, gets activated by anything society deems ugly or bad.
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Is fear only an emotion? If it is: it rules. But maybe it isn’t… Maybe it is something that you can control

fear says: I cannot deal with it!

Fear talks… Depending on what it says, you’ll run, you’ll hide, or you’ll continue charging forward

I now have a coach to report to on what I accomplish in the project I started a week ago.

Just like you, my first report was something like this: “I know I did little, but there was this fear…”

“What does fear have to do with anything?” he asked… and I was dumbfounded. I know the guy, we’ve been friends now for 3-4 years, and he is always stopped by fear… Who is he kidding?!

I didn’t spend our time together to explain things, after all his role, this time around, is to coach me, not the other way around.

But, in this article, I’ll say everything about fear, and how it works. I will also talk about how to gain the upper hand, at least some of the time, in the face of fear. OK?
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Fear. Irrational Fear. How to beat it…

Irrational-FearsWhat is the psychological or ontological (being science or the science of being) underpinnings (basis, foundation) of unreasonable, irrational fear 1 we deal with all the time… it makes no sense, there is no real danger, and yet, just the idea of something floods your chest with burning fear. (From the pit of the stomach in a shape of inverted triangle, the other points being the shoulders.)

If you haven’t, please read my article on taking your power back, I am referring to that article, and without reading it first, it won’t make sense what you read. OK?

Let’s look at fear historically: the irrational fear, where you could not see the “enemy,” probably originates with the destructive volcano eruptions, the floods, the darkness, caused by close-flying celestial objects, comets.
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What Attitude That Is Most Missing For You To Succeed?

 I got an email from a reader today, one of many such emails:

“Hi Sophie, I listened to your video but I didn’t get the answer or find solution to my struggles in life! I am wondering, yes as you said, why I am not transformed in-spite of learning so many methods from attending seminars and reading books! I came from a broken family I tried to change my life but sometimes my life was up but mostly down!

Financially I struggle, bankrupt and thinking to end my life. . . But when I hear your story, I did not and I am now almost 5 years searching for answers? I have read the Bible many times from cover to end and everyday, I received emails trying to sell me self-improvement books but I am fed up, nothing works! I would appreciate if you can help me!”

So what can you answer to someone who has been struggling and considering suicide a viable alternative?

One major distinction I need to teach to all my readers, students, a distinction that if you don’t learn it, you’ll miss everything.

The distinction is called: Where are you listening from?

The from is the operative word here. It is your base attitude consistent with your “grounds of being”.

We each are embedded in a paradigm. The insides and the walls of our paradigm are built from our belief system. Your paradigm has everything that you need to stay the same, and nothing to be more successful that you are, happier than you are, thinner, richer, more entertaining, more attractive than you are.

Your current life is exactly what’s possible inside your current paradigm.

When you look at someone who has what you crave, you can be 100% sure that they live in a different paradigm with beliefs that can’t be found in yours.
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