You say you care… but you have an agenda instead, raining on people’s parade

misery--loves--companyWhen I work with people on coaching calls, I always find out that they have no details about people and happenings around them, even if they were part of the happening.

Why? Because they weren’t present.

When you talk to someone, you want to be present to the conversation, to your hunches, to your feelings, to the tone of voice, the breathing, the mannerisms of the other person. Like a camera.

Then, when you are on your own, you can ponder about what that means.

Being present, being able to command your attention at will is very important.
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Why are people so low vibration? Including teachers, healers

If you read one of my previous articles, your answer (most of it) is there: our upbringing is based on the interest of the “powers that be” and not on the interest of the individual, or the interest of the human race: the Original Design, evolution, being an expanding personality.

Our lives, what we are allowed to do, see and know, is not that much different from what you see in the movies “The Truman Show” or “The Matrix” and we are policed, rigorously, and incessantly.

And the policing forces are also “sheep” and have no idea about the truth, about their own status…

So, humanity, in lack of real information, to understand and make what they see easier to handle, easier to be with, invented an imaginary world of explanations, gods, spirits, angels… just to be able to make sense of what they needed to deal with.

Vibration, your vibration, your consciousness level and the ability to be with stuff that is not easy to be with are correlated: meaning: once one gets high, the other gets high as well.
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