If you can’t move from A to B… The Too Direct Approach To Anything

hammer_break1I just finished watching a long (2 and a half hour long!) webinar, and one of the phrases that I want to borrow from there, is this: it’s not you, it’s your approach that makes you get less out of life than you could.

One of these approaches I see often that rob you of success is:

The Too Direct Approach To Things

One of the mistakes, one of the false beliefs, one of the erroneous ideas your paradigm gives you is to attempt to get from point A to point B through the straight, direct route.

But… No Problem Can Be Solved From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It 1

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The path to the life you want to live is “riddled” with distinctions. A hero’s journey…

Heros-JourneyI know, I know, I am riding this distinction horse… and no one is getting on it with me.

But, don’t you think that you resisting it, or your genes resisting it… it is kind of telling?

Telling of what, Sophie?

That getting the distinction of distinction… looking at life through distinctions makes you as close to being a master of life as any human can ever get!? And that you are living in the “no mastery” zone… waiting for a miracle?

I have never done anything as smart as deciding to use the 67 step program as the structure inside which I coach people.

Why? Because Tai is doing the hard work. Every video works on one or two distinctions. If you get it as distinction: your life will start to move. If you get it as example… your life will remain stuck.
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The Dark Side suggestion that love heals the world

the illusion that love heals the worldThere are many approaches to fix a problem, but all fixes are more harmful than the original problem.

Why? Because fix come from the same level of consciousness as the problem… and ultimately that kind of solution: a fix, is the root of the next problem. Like marriage: a fix for loneliness, and the start of more and bigger problems… yet it doesn’t stop loneliness… (Marriage is two people combining efforts to solve problems that would not exist without the marriage…)

Instead of dealing with what frightens you today, what you want to get rid of so you can live your puny little life, let’s go back to a time and situation where you weren’t even born, and it probably didn’t effect you much.


You look at it and you can’t imagine why I would bring it up… that signals a lack of ability to see under the hood…

The time we’ll go back to examine is the rise of the Third Reich… Hitler’s Nazi Germany.
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The “Racket” of transformation, transformational methods, programs, potions, transmissions, pills revealed

quiet desperation

Warning: I use all my articles as a vehicle for me to muddle through issues, to gain clarity, to distill the truth, to separate illusion from reality.

This article goes through a meandering path… and unless you follow the path closely, you won’t get to the result and get the same clarity, so you will be wasting your time.

If you don’t have the time to read this article attentively, don’t read it, it will make no sense in the end.

The juice is in the detail, the juice is in the journey, the scenery one can see… You’ve been warned.

Humanity lives in quiet desperation. Everyone. Even the rich and famous. They are aimless, purposeless, dissatisfied, judgmental, jealous and envious, craving love, craving sex, craving belonging, craving a sense of meaning. At times more than at others.

Was it always like this? Before our time? I don’t know. I actually think so. But I can’t know. My memories of another life are just memories, me-centered, so I don’t know what life was like for people. I know in every past life memory I lived in quiet desperation.
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Magical Solutions To Life… So You Can Experience Love, Care, And Appreciation, Finally… Pure Magic… Part One

rocking chair in need of refinishing, in need of magic

Pure Magic

Magical Solutions to life… so you can experience love, care, and appreciation, finally… Part One

Why can’t you really experience love, caring, appreciation? What displaces all these wonderful feelings?

Part One of this article will bring focus to the real cause of why you can’t really experience love, joy, happiness, real connection, gratitude… all the wonderful feelings that would make your life worth living, and make every moment a celebration.

One of the magical results of my online workshop is that they return love, care, appreciation to your life.

How do I do it? It is surprisingly simple. And I just found a poetic way to express it.

I am quoting my most magical teacher’s Monday Morning Memo: always an inspiration, but today especially.

Time is a Solvent

An auction house is an island of cast-offs and misfits where the rejected and broken feel finally at home.

I am speaking of the merchandise, of course, not of the people.

Perhaps I am speaking of the people, as well.

From the age of 18, Pennie and I have searched for buried treasure in auction houses. When you collect the misfit and the broken, you quickly learn how to accentuate natural beauty and disguise the inevitable flaws. These are valuable skills for a marketing consultant.

There is magic in that moment between Before and After.
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