Vibrational Review: The Sedona Method, The ReleasingFest

sedona method realeasingfestI haven’t written a vibrational review in quite a while…

But… I got an email asking me to promote the ReleasingFest by the Sedona Method… so I am looking at it.

I am looking for warning signs in addition to just measuring truth value, etc.

The first warning sign is the “story”.

All marketers are liars… says Seth Godin… but then he corrects: All marketers are story tellers. They tell the story that they want their customers want to connect to… but some marketers are liars. Deliberately, consciously, and that, in my eyes, makes them liars.

So, what they say about Lester Levenson is obviously so weird, only some persons believing in miracles, divine intervention, would believe. the lowest vibration 40%. Continue reading “Vibrational Review: The Sedona Method, The ReleasingFest”