Are you a taker?

Are you a taker?

Before I get to the question in the title, let’s look at a similar question: what is the difference between a judgment and an assessment?

The difference is subtle.

1. judgment is hiding that personal agenda: the speaker needs to be placed about the judged thing or person to be “authorized” to judge… “I have the right to judge, because I am better, smarter, because I-I-I-I-I whatever. Desire to receive for the self alone.
2. a judgment is always systemic. It uses two pronged concepts, good/bad, right/wrong, smart/stupid… systemic judgments.

an assessment is not building up the speaker’s self-estimation, it is observations about the observed, and mostly not concerned with the systemic (two-pronged aspect of anything), instead extrinsic or intrinsic aspects.

None of the judgment can be verified in reality, while much of the assessment is a part of reality: visible, trackable,

Now let’s return to the original question:

Is being a taker a judgment or an assessment? Continue reading “Are you a taker?”