She killed her daughter and her grandson…

relationship This article is about relating… relationship…

…and what can go wrong, what always goes wrong with relationships… And how the same things could go right with just a little thought… Everything the internet says is shallow, surface, and cheap… instead I suggest distinctions.

I live in a two-family home. I live upstairs. This apartment used to be the owner’s… when their kids got too big, they bought another house and started to rent both apartments.

I know the owner, I know his wife, and I know that people in this street still remember how they used to fight, cats and dogs, scream loud enough for everyone to hear.

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The Enchanted Forest, Fairy Tales, and how to start living like a person

I have one student who actually is doing the work the way the work was meant to be done.

It sounds meager… but it is all I ever wanted… really.

If you have one student who actually does what you teach, you can tell if what you teach works or not. Or tweak what you teach to accommodate the difficulties they experience. And watch if the changes you made will make the results match what you intended to accomplish.

What do the rest of the people do? I mean the students in the same program? I am not sure. Apple polishing? Feeble attempts to fake me?

Humans live this fake, apple polishing lives, thinking that life should respond to their feeble attempts, to their intention, to their desire, or whatever the heck they were taught should change reality to what they want reality to be.

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No One CAN Do It FOR You… And Even if They Could…

Most “do-it-for-you” programs don’t work. Why? Are they bad? Are they fakes, thieves, or is there something in our design as human beings that prevents us from taking advantage of these opportunities. This is what this article is about. Surprising. Documented. True.

Note from a decade later: Imagine waking up one morning with the physique of a body builder. A copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Or a female equivalent of Arnold…

Do you think it would benefit you? For longer than a minute?

Everything that you did not earn will atrophy. I have learned this the hard way. I started to turn on DNA capacities for people… and look with horror, as one after the other they turned off.

The recipient didn’t earn it, so they can’t keep it.

It’s the same with lottery winners… You have to earn what you want… And that is the principle of this article.

No One CAN Do Anything FOR You… And Even if They Could…

Surprising title, isn’t it? Especially from an Internet Marketer and Coach. After all, the best product to sell is something that you do for them, right?

Yes and no.

Everyone hopes that what they need can and will be done for them. So, as an Internet Marketer I can make a boatload of cash by promising that.

But here is the kicker: No one really appreciates what they get ready. Why? Are they unappreciative? Do they lack the genes for appreciation? Do they have the habit of it?


If we take what Kabbalah* says about how it all works, especially what is the inner motivator of every human being: to develop one’s Self to the fullest in a lifetime by correcting the areas where they fall short from fully being their divine (giving) nature… every time someone does something FOR you, they rob you of the opportunity to do it for your Self… because the thing looks done.
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Do You Think You Can Tell WHAT You See? Accurately?

Most of us, we are sure we can see everything. Exactly the way it is. We make decisions based on what we see, and our decisions and actions take us to live the life we live.

Most of us live a life of quiet desperation. It was true at the time of Henry David Thoreau, and it is true now.

We don’t even know why we see something that isn’t there, and why don’t see things that are there… But we clearly make decisions, act from faulty data, faulty information.

There is a discipline and coaching paradigm I studied and used about 9 years ago. It is based on axiology, work of the Nobel Prize nominated Robert Hartman.

Axiology is the study of value or quality. It is the science that deals with what is good and what is not. Beyond and independent of subjective judgment.

There is a test Axiology uses to help you see what way you see the world (Value Profile). The test we ran had 4 parameters by which we could map out the potential for success of any individual.

One of them is called ‘clarity’. In my work I call it ‘astuteness’.

We all think we are clear. Yet we are probably a lot less than clear if our life is not a symphony and a victory of the human power and spirit.

Clarity is the relationship between your view of what you consider reality and reality. It can be measured, to what degree what you see and what is actually there. How much they overlap.

And second degree is how much detail you can tell in what you see.

I like to use an analogy from my publishing/printing background: In order to print a continuous tone, like a photograph, you need to break up the original to dots. The measure is called dot per inch, which means how many dots, each direction, you can print on a paper without the dots touching each other and therefore causing a blotch instead of a clear picture.

  • Newsprint paper is porous, so the density of of dots on that type of paper is maximum 75 dots per inch.
  • Semi glossy magazines and brochures are printed at about 105-120 dots per inch.
  • Playboy is printed at 150 dots per inch.

When you look at a newspaper picture, sometimes you are not sure if the person has a mole or just there is a shadow or maybe a blotch of ink where you think the mole is. Glossy brochures are better at details, Playboy is really really really good.

I use this dot per inch analogy to show that we normally see the world in a certain level of clarity (dots per inch).

  • In order to have a clearer picture, one thing we can do, is to add dots where there are no dots.
  • Another is to remove the blotches, that in clarity’s terms are the misconceptions: societal, familial, or personal.

Adding dots is a simple learning process coupled with friends of colleagues who can help you with accuracy. (Critiquing is an important tool, though most people hate it… sorry to say.)

Removing blotches is harder, and this is my specialty. Distinctions are the major tool for that. Distinctions are those invisible things that once they become visible, lots of blotches disappear. Read my other posts an my sites on that. Search in the sidebar… for distinction.

And come back for more… I am the Distinctions Queen, so all my posts will take you deeper into this particular rabbit hole.