Remorse, regret, self-recrimination

Remorse is the ability to humble oneself and healthily repent for past mistakes ~ Ryan Fan

I remember being in a Landmark program, years ago, that railed against the 3 R’s… regret, resentment, and I don’t remember the third. But they were wrong.

I have more time nowadays, and I don’t hurry and run away from bad feelings.

Bad feelings are good. Really good. You should take time to hang out with them, and spend some time in their company.

They are cleansing. They are integrity restorer. They are good for you. They would be good for you to use them as a guidance system once you take the time to feel them.

One thing I notice in the partner calls in my Playground is that people cheerfully notice ‘desire to receive for the self alone’ in their stories, present or past, and they are OK with them. Continue reading “Remorse, regret, self-recrimination”