Biting Microscopic Mites – The Pandora Bug

microscopic biting mitesThis post is a reprint of an article from 2005. I didn’t write it, I found it on the internet. It was the article that woke me up that the misery I was experiencing in my own sleepless nights was not unique to me: it was shared by billions of people who are not as aware as myself, yet they suffer. Continue reading “Biting Microscopic Mites – The Pandora Bug”

Meaning – what others teach

Why am I Here? What is the meaning of life? What should I do with my life? These are questions that everyone asks themselves at one time or another, but the answers are often fleeting or misguided.

The core teaching of the Instant Coherence Workshop is creating a meaning that will help you to push through difficult times, and cause coherence when everything else would cause incoherence.

If I use long straight hair as an analogy to show coherence and incoherence… brushing or combing long straight hair is easy when there are no kinks in it. But when we look, life is full of kinks… and our brain, our mind, our feelings give us more kinks than we can overcome.

So we, our lives, our brains are like kinky hair… and life is not smooth sailing… it is like occasionally very rough seas.

Incoherence is the order of the day… but we blame it on life.

But what if we are bringing incoherence to life… Incoherence by our default organizing principle… what we say BEFORE WE SAY HELLO, before we start doing anything.

The Instant Coherence workshop first digs out what is our default organizing principle, and then looks to create a new organizing principle that is designed to create life, our life, coherent…

The moment there is an organizing principle like that, everything wants to align with it, including your emotions, your actions, your breathing, your heart beat… everything.

The tricky things, as I can see at this stage, are the following:
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Flip the Switch On. Now you are connected. Simple. Easy.

Flip the Switch On. Now you are connected. Simple. Easy. Brain-Dead Simple. Get All The Light You Need.

The feedback from people attempting to connect is coming in, fast and furious, and it’s a little disappointing.

The silver lining in disappointing feedback is that now, like every time I’ve had a question, I got an answer from Source.

This time the answer will surprise you. It surprised me. Continue reading “Flip the Switch On. Now you are connected. Simple. Easy.”

The science of making things happen… once you have integrity

This is an edited reprint of Christian Ad-Man, Roy H. Williams

I am neither Christian, nor a religious person, and I am afraid that if and when you read it, you’ll hear faith in some higher entity, some outside force… not it yourself. If you could read, when he says faith, and “faith I have in myself because I know myself being willing to do the work” I would be happy. But I doubt any of you relates to the word “faith” that way. So I have changed it…

Another word for speaking a future into existence, i.e. a committed way of speaking about something that is yet to be, is called declaration. And until you build a strong foundation and a strong relationship to your word, your declaration is as good as passing wind… sorry for the crude simile.
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Confessions Of An Empath

Somehow this article got lost… I don’t know how… it disappeared from the site… Weird. This is a “reprint”

Confessions Of An Empath

I didn’t know that the feelings I experienced weren’t only mine until a few months ago. I was 63 years old. I had never heard about the phenomenon, so I never suspected.

I had a long history of living like a phoenix… burned and crashed and then reborn from the ashes.

My Mother, the empath

I hear that the curse of being an empath is inherited, and upon further looking into the path, confirming it with muscle testing, my mother carried the cursed gene.

Did she show any signs of being empathic in ways that it would be a good thing? Not at all. Instead she showed the aspect of empaths that the unaware empath demonstrates: being the trash collector of other people’s badness.
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