Resistance, avoidance, flexibility… pushing on a string

I have an inquiry to engage in, a puzzle to solve, so instead of doing it in my head, I’ll do it in this article…

The puzzle is resistance. Resistance to guidance, resistance to changing your mind, changing your attitude, changing your behavior, changing where you look from. CHANGE.

To adapt. To using your intelligence. After all, the measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Continue reading “Resistance, avoidance, flexibility… pushing on a string”

What it is that you do that keeps you from the light

I finally figured out what it is that attracts me to certain novels, certain movies, certain TV series… and repels me from others. What it is that I am muscletesting.

I am looking for goodness.

But goodness only exists in contrast.

So only the books qualify where the main character has both good and bad and in the struggle, the good wins… Also where the evil is strong, the pull to give up or to give in is strong.

As the Kabbalists say: only if and when you overcome the Opponent that you are good… for the moment. Continue reading “What it is that you do that keeps you from the light”

The secret to 10x your life in spite of fear

10x your lifeExperiencing pain? emotional? physical? Where does pain come from?

Most people cannot properly, accurately identify what they feel inside. On one hand self awareness is low, on the other knowing what the inner dynamics are is not taught in any school, or by any ‘guru’.

Given that it is not taught, you’ll have a hard time, I guess, to accept that all pain is the result of resistance… emotional, physical… all pain.

But what about fear?

Fear, what you call fear, is resistance. No matter what name you call it, anxiety, worry, it is still resistance and it causes pain.

This article was inspired by two things, maybe three? Continue reading “The secret to 10x your life in spite of fear”

What is the strongest indicator of the quality of your life?

I measure 30 things about a person when they ask for their Starting Point Measurements.

They are all very relevant, but when it comes to the quality of your life, to your life satisfaction, your experience of your life… one could almost say, the level of your happiness depends on one thing.

The level of your happiness depends on one thing

The culture claims that to be happy, you have to have possession, you have to have success, you have to have comfort, safety, fulfillment, companionship, whatever, and, to some degree it may matter but not as much as the number, the measure, just one number told me why 99.99% of the people I have ever measured had a low life satisfaction, even though some had money, success, love even talent… seemingly everything you’d ever wanted. Continue reading “What is the strongest indicator of the quality of your life?”

Why getting well is so difficult for us…

There is never a better time to experience what you experience, than right when you experience it.

This morning I was hit with a strong feeling of despair, loneliness.

I didn’t have time to hang out with it, I was in the middle of something. I wanted to shoo it away, and I also wanted to indulge in it.

But then I decided to just feel it, acknowledge it, and let it go. I paid attention to what it said… nodded, wept a little, and let it go. 1

Is this familiar to you? I didn’t think so. You don’t know who you are, and you don’t want to find out.

There are many reasons you don’t know yourself.

One of these reasons is that you resist your emotions.
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