You live inside a machine… now… Respect the machine… Don’t fight it.

respect the machineRespect the machine1

Many of you will get unstuck reading, understanding, and making what I teach in this post instinctual.

Many topics give themselves better and easier to make an advice, a guidance, a new method of doing things instinctual.

I envy the teachers of those “things”… My favorite teacher, ever, is Robert Plank because of his “how”. I make a point of taking all the classes he teaches, because I can see the path: how what he teaches will be made instinctual.

And try I might, I haven’t been able to duplicate it in my courses.

World view, attitudes, how to read, creating context, etc. seem to be not quite demonstrable, and not that easy to tell people what to do exactly to make them instinctual.

Instinctual means you can do it like you can breathe…

I have managed with a few things myself, but quite a few things: I still have to see, suffer, and do…

Everything in what I teach has to go past the hearing and the understanding level. Because the distance between those levels and actually applying them, instinctually, is like crossing the Grand Canyon… not very likely.

Even a little practice can go a long way… maybe half-way? Continue reading “You live inside a machine… now… Respect the machine… Don’t fight it.”