Vibrational Reviews: Dr Yuen, Adi Da, Family Constellation, Flora Peterson

Vibrational Reviews:

The Yuen Method: Dr. Yuen personal vibration: 200; method vibration (truth value) 210. Does he use energy to use his work? no. Is he a fraud? no. Is the method trainable? no. Is he connected to Source? yes. Is HE doing the work? no. Is Source doing the work? yes. His method of connecting is going within. His center of connection is in the chest (not heart). Can I do what he does? No. Could I learn what he does? yes. Dr Yuen is plagued with unbearable anguish.

Flora Peterson intuitive energy reader and space clearer: personal vibration: 210. Success rate (percentage of cases in which she really connects to you): 30%

Adi Da Samraj (
Adidam is devoted to Avatar Adi Da Samraj, His Spiritual Teaching and His Gift of Perfect Divine Enlightenment.) Adi Da Samraj (November 3, 1939 – November 27, 2008), born Franklin Albert Jones in Queens, New York, was a spiritual teacher, writer and artist… Personal vibration: 190. (much anguish). Teachings truth value: 200
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What is the Truth? And how do you go about deciding it?

ashton kutcher and fructose intoleranceIf you’ve been following my vibrational reviews, you’ve probably experienced confusion, fear, anguish seeing that most gurus, most people, in fact, have a low vibration.

Vibration is not your energy, or not really. Vibration is a number that shows to what degree you are in truth.

What is truth? Truth is Existence. Truth is how it is. That A is A… no contradiction, not a good idea, not because someone said so, but because it is. Always.

The higher your vibration, the more you are in harmony with life, your thinking, your emotions, your reactions, your reality is in sync with how it is, really.

When your vibration is low, you are seeing only a small fragment of the truth, therefore you are powerless with reality. No matter what you do in unreality, it will never make a difference in reality.

Unreality is where The Man of La Mancha lived: he fought windmills, thinking they were giants. He rescued a princess who was not a princess at all and didn’t need rescuing.

It can be funny, and it can be tragic, when you are living in unreality. Funny for others, tragic for you.

How the heck did you end up spending your precious life dealing with unreality, you ask?

The answer is simple: you were brought up by people who also dealt in unreality. They taught you what they “knew” and they knew only unreality. They were miserable too.

When did it begin? I think it began at the beginning of time.

But the significant damage started to be engineered by the people of religion.
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How do you live your life to develop intelligence? Intelligence is the end of anguish and anxiety

intellect vs intelligenceIntelligence is operational when there is no thinking, there are no thoughts. You can only detect that intelligence is growing by detecting that there are less thoughts.

One of the main causes of anxiety and anguish is living through the mind, not ever being in the present moment, not ever being in the here-and-now. You can only be intelligent in the here-and-now. Any departure from the now moment causes anguish and unintelligent ways of living and making decisions.

One of the things my Activate Divinity Course (closed) accomplishes is returning people to being whole and complete. It is almost impossible to be intelligent unless you are reasonable whole and complete, no parts suppressed, no aspects of you abandoned, denied.

The Harmonize The Planet meditation with the Heaven on Earth energy bundle is a great way to prepare yourself to be able to start the work of becoming whole and complete.

How did it happen, that in spite of my formal education (21 years total), I still managed to pull through with some intelligence intact? Not mentioning 27 years of Landmark, a 100% intellectual pursuit… When I look at landmark graduates, I see people waiting for someone else to give it to them, or repeating what they have already heard. Second-handers’ galore.
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Something interesting happened on my way to the top…

Warning: this article is written in a stream of consciousness way… and I am unwilling to rewrite it to prose… Let’s see if you can follow me to the rabbit hole… lol

no matter what I do... Last week was quite uneventful, as far as drama goes.

No “attacks” from the Dark Side, no big drama anywhere. Things were flowing.

My new book, Effortless Abundance is drawing good reviews, and I am writing the sequel.

We’ve made a major discovery: a missing piece no one suspected, to raising your vibration.

Until last night.

There is this marketing master I have befriended. Our whole relationship has been going on quite public, and I didn’t care. Then he sent my a private email, and sent me one of his ebooks he sells for money.

At first I didn’t want to read it. Then I read it, but was very uncomfortable with it.

It felt like this guy is condescending to me.
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Vibrational Reviews: Janet Conner: Writing Down Your Soul. Let me teach you how to tell the vibration of a modality without muscle testing…

you need to recognize the lies to know the truth, cut through the crap Vibrational Reviews: Janet Conner: Writing Down Your Soul, blah blah blah. Let me teach you how to tell the vibration of a modality without muscle testing…

I didn’t mean to write a fourth article today… but I was poking the box, and this is what came up.

How do you tell the vibration of a “modality” without having permission to muscle test?

If there has ever been a good reason to ban me from measuring vibration, this would be probably the best: turning all the power over to you.

Why? Because there should never be anything or anyone between you and Source. Not me, not a book, not a church, not anything. Why? Because that would be idol worshiping, that would be taking away your power, that would be turning you to sheep.

Now, my experience has been that people turn themselves to sheep: shame on you.

I understand: it is scary to take responsibility for your choices, for your questions, for your answers, for your direction. But…

You weren’t created to be sheep. You are made of the same matter as Source, thinking stuff, powerful stuff. Not sheep stuff.

Now, if you are sheep, you can stop reading here: you and I have nothing to talk about.

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How Does Soul Guide You? Will you Heed The Guidance?

how soul guides you sometimes by pulling your hand making to touch or grab stuff A few months ago I was nudged to watch a Spanish movie… Totally outside of what could ever come up… though it was interesting… But why on Earth was I supposed to watch it? The question has haunted me for some time.

Sometimes it takes months before I realize why I was supposed to watch a certain movie. That movie came really handy today.

This afternoon, after I wrote some seething reviews about some money gurus, I felt a gentle nudge of something from the soul.
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Vibrational Review: Morgana Rae from Financial Alchemy and The Money Magnet

morgana rae of financial alchemyMorgana Rae from “Financial Alchemy”

Her personal vibration: 230. Dominant emotions: Mimulus, Agrimony, Sweet Chestnut, and Elm.
Her teaching (truth value): 190
Her typical follower: 90
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How Did I Put Myself Into The Vibrational Frequency Of Money? A Case Study

create vibrational harmony with money How Did I Put Myself Into The Vibrational Frequency Of Money? A Case Study

I have been spending money on my own training. Not as much as before: this time I only spend money on stuff I know I can totally consume: i.e. do all the exercises, attend all the classes, without having to give up on something important.

I used to spend 5-10 times more money, but normally I would drop all the balls… and end up empty handed.

So, I am spending less money, but getting tremendous value for each dollar I spend.

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Raise Your Vibration: 4 Modalities That Work: Tr., Pam Ragland, Dianetics, And Activator Downloads

the visual signs of higher vibration raise your vibration Please remember that this case study is concerned with one aspect: does the modality raise your vibration permanently. That is the only question I answer here, that is my only concern.

Why? Because there are tons of life-coaches, lots of “transformational” programs, lots of spiritual teachers, lots of meditation, yoga, brain-entrainment, etc. programs are out there that create a feel-good effect, but the effect isn’t lasting, and you have to go back for more.

What do I mean?

Examples of stuck states

Let me give you a few examples: A friend of mine follows a guru. She even became one of the “master teachers” of the guru’s energy modality.

She goes to these weekends and comes back, high as a kite… but comes down crashing. She is taking more and more time out of her business to “seek” enlightenment.

Her main issues of avoiding risk, and being alone aren’t solved, but she keeps going back..

An ex teacher of mine, today a mastermind partner, is exhausted again. She is yelling at her husband. She is worried. She works from the moment she wakes up till she crashes at night.

When I examine, she is running on old patterns, like a puppet on a string, battling some invisible scarcity monster that won’t let up. She has had many coaches, but the situation is getting worse… the real issue isn’t addressed.

What’s predictable is that she will never get off the war-path till she dies.

Another acquaintance of mine wants to be successful, make money, travel the world, be a sought after “transformational” coach.

In the 10 years I’ve been watching her, she has avoided learning anything. She hasn’t read a book from cover to cover. She watches videos on youtube and reads articles on blogs, and then sends them to me.

She hasn’t made any useful action in the direction of her goal… She is continually trapped in lala land of self-delusion.

The underlying craving for success, and the underlying fear of failure, fear of finding out that she is not as good as she thinks she is causes her life to be hellish.

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Case Study #1: Humanity in Unity with Sai Maa

sai maa The intention of this post is to show that in order to have a permanent and earned rise in your vibration, you need to connect to the Creator directly.

If you want to raise your vibration (raise your vibrational frequency) any modality under 500 is a poor choice. This includes religion, etc. Everything. Under 500… won’t raise your vibration. Under 500 everything is Tree of Knowledge: disconnected from Source

Vibrational Review 1/14/2012

Sai Maa’s personal vibration: 195
Her Vibration when in a seminar: ~500
Her organization: 185
Her “diksha” light submission: 195
Truth value: 185
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