Want to know why you can’t be happy?

Is it worth it? Will the effort pay off doing it?

Whether you are conscious of it of not, you ask this question every time you consider buying something, or doing something. Something that has some effort component… and most things do. Even if they don’t quite seem so.

I bought an equipment to massage my aching, rock hard calves about a year ago… I asked that question. I would have to sit tied to the electric current, while the massage thingie was working away on my calves.

When you do something, there is something else you aren’t doing. And the price of most things is giving up that thing that you are not doing.

Giving up, for humans, is the hardest thing of all. Even if what you are giving up is what has kept you an underachiever, a less than whole person… Continue reading “Want to know why you can’t be happy?”