Updated: Discovery, invention, innovation and ambition: Introducing the Unification Energy

tower-of-babel-pieter-bruegelSummary: some six thousand years ago a mind virus was introduced. It lead to the rise of a strong ruling class and a sheep-like plebs. In this article I introduce the first ever remedy to the mind virus: the Unification Energy.

You see, humans have a strong inner connection to wisdom through connecting to All-Knowledge, but the mind virus severed, blocked the connection between the part of each human that connects and the part that they consider themselves to be… the part that has the mind, the subconscious, the body, and the Ego. The part that will look for nourishment, guidance, leadership, meaning, outside: on the horizontal plane.

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Conscious Awareness… how much do you do with awareness?

Conscious awareness, this is the expression I have learned, so far, from reading the Anastasia books, The Ringing Cedars of Russia series.

It sounds like a puny takeaway, but it is major in its implications.

It has raised MY conscious awareness of what and how I am teaching.

You know, from time to time you can’t see the forest for the trees. I can’t… lol

On my webinar calls, I teach you to step back, I teach you to find your Tangerine Spot, I teach you to lift it with your attention…

Let me stop here, because there is enough to say about those three distinctions that have left students at my mercy.
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The desire to lord over others vs. the desire to lord over oneself. Updated

The biggest problem with humanity is the unwillingness to face the truth, face darkness, and that is the cause of humanity’s descent to darkness. False security, unsuspecting, childlike, sheep.

I am not a time traveler, so I can only use my faculties to know, to recognize, to think logically, to compare… to intuit the truth about the past and therefore the present.

My finding is that humans, whatever DNA group they belong to, would never have evolved to the peak of consciousness in the Universe, if they didn’t always have that tiny little bit of inner light setting them right in the last moment.

Through ages of slaughter, and hunger, and misery, and hope and dividedness, somehow they always found a way to survive and to grow.

According to findings, my fantasies (I call them fantasies because I have no proof positive that it actually happened, though a lot of facts point in the same direction) humanity has had four previous generations that were born, grew, and annihilated themselves or got annihilated.

We are generation five.
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Love: Missing. Project: Activate the Capacity To Love (Updated)

love is missing According to Anastasia, people born in modern society out of the fleshy passions of their parents and without conscious fathering and mothering while in the womb, born in a hospital: were born into fear and no connection with their parents.

They cannot love.

When I look at people around me, I see proof positive for that. No matter who I am looking at, love isn’t there.

Anastasia’s solution: generations that read the Ringing Cedars of Russia, will be able to follow the behaviors, parents, that will allow their new offspring to be born a Man, a full-fledged human being with access to the knowledge of its forebears.

That is her solution. I wish I could see the majority of humanity

  1. read the books (most of my students even don’t read at all)
  2. understand and appreciate what’s written
  3. put it into practice exactly the way it’s written.

I see that it borders the impossible, but only in masses: individuals, maybe thousands, will, I believe, follow the path and give birth to a new humanity.

In the meantime, I think, there will be a lot of use of the activators, and I am meditating furiously to find the right words to awaken and activate the squashed love within.

I am a perfect test subject: I was born to no love, myself.
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This is important to me. No world can be healthy if women are not allowed to make a contribution

I have a dentist with whom I have conversations.

He thinks that the way Native Americans lived, before we drove them out of here, was the ideal way to live.

Pit that against what Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars Of Russia) says.

The biggest difference between the two “ideal” societies is the role of women.

In the “Indian” tribal, nomadic society their role was to give birth, raise children, cook, etc. Everything outside of the home was done by the men.

In the Anastasia Utopian society women and men co-create a space of love for themselves and their offspring.

Most societies still suppress women and relegate them to childbirth and plaything.

The future depends on women. It has: 90% of darkness came from them. That’s what happens when you suppress the human spirit: it rebels and turns itself to darkness.

Let’s change this today, one woman at a time. OK?

I only ask you to share… just share. Please share… Thank you.

Bits and Pieces of Love and more… Personal stuff, love activator

Hidden stuff, suppressed stuff, when it has a chance to spill out, has a tendency to reek (smell bad) and wreak havoc.

I am reading a book that heals by digging out such stuff… it doesn’t stop there, you’ll see.

Anyway, I am reading it, and obviously the mind has a tendency to dig along with the clients, dig along with what you read… no, my mind has the tendency to dig along, after all, I know the value of digging.

So, I must have dug quite a little, because I didn’t want to get up today. Then I had a digging conversation with a friend I wanted to start a business with and decided not to pursue the business. Then I read an email request for a private session outside of my schedule and the s**t hit the fan.

I felt offended, I felt violated, I was irate. After all people should ask for a time slot I have available, not something else… right?

The reaction was off the wall disproportionate to the trigger: after all I know how to say no, right? Baaaah!

Oh ho, something big got unearthed!

I dug deep in my personal history to see what this email triggered. I found tons of incidents with injustice, asking for what I didn’t want to give, or didn’t have, and accusing me of being bad, or unkind.

Most of the incidents “starred” my mother. I found myself sobbing. The incidents happened 50-60 years ago. I wrecked my brain to recall an incident that was pleasant, but each lead to another direction of horrific incidents, teachers abusing little kids, doctors fondling little kids, horror, oh horror.

Finally I found something that had no negative anything: my mom had a black currant bush in her cottage garden and she used to make me back currant preserves. Just for me. I love those: they are tart with a hint of sweetness. I haven’t had anything like that for over 30 years. Now I can call myself “the daughter for whom my mother made black currant preserves”, instead of all the horrid stuff.

It is hard to believe that a small positive memory used as a mantra can alter my relationship to abuse, abusive people, users, and such. It seems to be working. I’ll keep at it. Being personally offended is one of the most unpleasant feelings I can feel.

On another note, this whole upset thing didn’t start today.

In fact it started with me downloading the first set of activators for real love. The activators covered 9% of real love… and true to form I came unglued. All activators first do that to me: it lasts anywhere from 3-5 days, and then I have a lifetime of bliss with the elevated consciousness.
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Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia: Fact of Fiction?

anastasia and the ringing cedars of russia is a tale, it is fiction, it is a hoaxAnastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia: Fact of Fiction?

A few months ago someone asked about the vibration of Anastasia.

I said 600. I finally bit the bullet and bought the whole set of books.

I was really curious, what is in these books that a whopping 20 million people bought them.

I am halfway through the first of the nine books, and this is, so far, my take (with Source’s help and muscle testing, of course.)

The idea and Utopia that is detailed in this book, vibrates at 600.

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