What do you value? Enough to do something for it?

what you value expertiseWe live in a fix-it age. Whatever you don’t like, whatever feels bad, whatever doesn’t work well… we attempt to fix it. We don’t value anything enough to look for a real solution.

We seem to live like the butterfly… only touching everything it its flight and then it dies. Surface living.

Never and no one looks long enough to see what is the root cause of any trouble, we, like the butterfly, only look at what is readily visible…

One of the things my readers SEEM TO want to fix is a meaningless life. Maybe their life is too busy, maybe it is not busy enough, maybe they only have time to do what they must do, and on their days  off they lounge and bemoan their life.

But all in all: their life is not theirs, and it feels meaningless. Empty of meaning, empty of importance, empty of essence, joy and adventure.

And it probably is!

So they try this and they try that, they do one of my classes… but…

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