The capacity of accomplishment… the capacity of process

richard branson has the process capacity activatedI have tested every single person who I deal with regularly, and none of them have the “process” capacity turned on.

  • Warren Buffet has it on.
  • Steve Jobs didn’t have it on.
  • Bill Gates has it on.
  • Sir Richard Branson has it on.
  • Frank Kern (marketing genius) has it on.
  • Brendon Burchard (marketing genius) has it on
  • Jeff Walker of Product Launch formula fame has it on.
  • President Obama doesn’t have it on. The Donald doesn’t have it on.
  • Ryan Deiss (marketing genius) has it on
  • You may have it on if you won the Nobel Prize… But Einstein didn’t have it on.

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Your desires…

paradise lost, the end of innocence, the end of infinite possibilityrosebud_sled, the symbol of paradise lostI have been pondering a student’s email all morning.  1 And when I ponder, I do it while I do other things.

What I do most frequently is play Freecell, a card game, a solitaire. I can have my bilocation most undisturbed then: I am doing something and observing it, and the brain, in the background does the processing undisturbed, and pretty much undisturbed.
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