The curse of understanding… It adds nothing…

If I know you well, your relationship to life is mainly through understanding. Which you either have or not.

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New insights on cell hydration, tiredness, diabetes, etc

New insights on cell hydration, tiredness, your immune system, diabetes, cancer, and your life expectancy

  • If you pee often
  • If your pee is light
  • If you have to get up in the middle of the night and pee
  • that means: your cell hydration is low.
  • it may also mean: you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetics have low cell hydration. this may be the reason they don’t accept the sugar into the cell… Because sugar would break even bigger havoc in the cell… it would dry out the cell completely.
My hunch is that hydrating the diabetic’s cells can end the diabetic misery… But it needs testing. If you have diabetic friends, family members: you owe it to yourself to test the Energized water on them. Diabetes can cost tens of thousands of dollars to the person, and makes 250 billion dollars to the medical establishment… lucrative. More lucrative than recommending a $60 audio… for sure.

If you get tired in the middle of the day, or are just plain tired… that means that most likely your hydration is low.
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Energies Part 2: The water energizer

Water… OK… first my story.

2009-11-05-incurableIn 1993 a physician declared me incurable. I was weak, I was malnourished, and my blood work did not respond to anything, and was completely messed up. I didn’t seemingly have any known disease: had I died they would have put in cause of death: old age. I was 46 years old.

I hired a nutritionist, who out of desperation, put me on a complete elimination diet: I was living on protein shakes for a little while. and then slowly moved on to the complete elimination diet: you try to find out what doesn’t agree with your body.

In spite of all that effort, dietary changes, etc., two years later, a naturopathic physician still declared me incurable.

detoxMy body had no energy, my cells were drying out, and I could barely work.
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Vortex Water vs Energizer Water energized with the Energizer® energy; What is the difference?

scalar2There is a difference.

What causes water’s low energy, water’s incoherence, is the little water spouts around impurities…

Just like you, your water is ADD, maybe even ADHD. Distilled water has more water spouts, so it is more incoherent even than tap water purified with primitive filters.

ADD and ADHD, in this connotation means that the water cannot pull it together, it is all over the place, it is confused, and it is hapless.

It may be strange to say that water is hapless, but that is how water feels… as an Empath I can tell you that. Starts and stops, attention span of a fly.

When you put incoherent water in your body, all hell breaks loose…

…even if you weren’t ADD before, it actually makes YOU incoherent, hapless, starts and stops… all over the place.

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