How realistic are your expectations? of yourself, of your life, of your brain, or your vibration…

can you raise your iq?I wrote this article almost five years ago.

Since then I have done a lot of work in the area of intelligence. This article is a lot more mainstream (meaning: wrong) than I like it, so I am in the middle of writing yet another article.

The new article will take out the mystery, why you aren’t able to accomplish what is within your power to accomplish… And what to do so that you can.

By the way, the mainstream lies are in the illustrations… Can you catch them? (Hint: fixed mindset?)

OK, here is the original article: This article will burst your bubble… so if you are not interested, don’t read it. Just leave now, while you are ahead… Now, I said. I don’t want hate mail… OK?

I had an interesting coaching session yesterday. I spoke words I thought were dangerous and inflammatory. Turned out that instead they inspired. I am still stunned…
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Opinion? How should you hear what someone says?

What is the difference between an opinion 1 and an assessment, an observation, a statement, a theory, a hypothesis?

Many people use one word for many different things…

I have this “friend” who climbs the same steps I climb, except that he climbs it seven times each time, I climb it once or twice. He is a little younger than me.

I am fond of him: he is one of the handful of people I regularly talk to, eye to eye.

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Getting really smart is scary

flowers for algernoon, a tale of getting smartOne thing the book Flowers for Algernon did not prepare me for is how scary it is to get too smart too quickly.

I have been experimenting with different capacities… what they do, what behavior, what insight they possible.

One of these capacities increased my capacity (it had been turned on, but not fully utilized by me) to see many steps ahead and act accordingly.

And for the first time since I started this work, I got scared.
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Current science’s view on DNA and what I say is the truth


Science talks about genetic lottery… haves and have nots, lucky and unlucky.

The truth is both simpler and more complicated.

Human DNA has capacities encoded, but they are either turned on or not. And even capacities that are turned of, may be used, or not used.

The kids in studies who are good at reading but not good at math are dealing not with a reading gene and a math gene missing, instead they deal with something less simplistic than that.

There is no reading gene and there is no math gene. On the other hand, there are 160 genes that lie underneath all the clever feats a child or adult can perform to scientists’ amazement. Sarcasm intended.

So, let’s take an example: you got a kid who is good at reading… but isn’t good at math. I say, that the capacity that is definitely missing is humility: the capacity to say: I am incompetent, I don’t know anything: teach me.

Why? Isn’t saying “I am incompetent” going to keep me stunted? No, the opposite is true. What keeps you stunted is what you have decided is true about you and about the world.

When your earlier decision was: I am not good at math… you’ll not even try. You already know that you won’t be able to get it.

Are there other capacities that are missing? Probably another up to eight capacities… duh…
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Talk Back To Me: How shall I take sarcasm directed at me?

sarcasm... it's an alternative to killing themThe holidays quickly approaching, this is a very timely topic to deal with: the sarcasm, or sarcastic remarks of the people you meet: instead of holiday cheer, love etc. you need to deal with poison coming through sarcasm. How do you do it? This article will help to look at it differently and save yourself from grief.

Hey Sophie,

I hope you are well.

I’m wondering if you could help me to clarify something?

I’m trying to understand sarcasm.

The Irish people are generally quite sarcastic, it’s called ‘slagging’ here. I think, in general, one is supposed to be able to laugh at himself or answer back in similar manner.

But most of times I don’t really know how to react to it, it’s hurtful sometimes.. and I guess I don’t really know if I’m overreacting? Should I just observe the origin of MY hurt or try to see why perhaps the other person is veiling mockery, i.e. observe THEIR hurt?
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