Updated: Your emotional baseline and your chances for success

your-emotional-baselineI read a very interesting article 1 today. It is about being able to predict from how you were as a baby and toddler your chances for success, your chances for being smart, your chances for aberrant, deviant behavior, like crime or addictions.

And although most of you, if you read it, will be resigned to how you turned out, or alternatively argue till you are hoarse with the predictions, there is a more constructive way to read the article: get guidance.

Of course, if you are already having trouble in life, you are habitually relating to everything as a good reason to get depressed, turn to the bottle, get angry, or eat more m&m’s, but if you are not quite there, there is the guidance I recommend that you get:

All of those signs you demonstrated as a toddler are correctable by the Bach Flower Energies.

If you have a propensity for being impatient, wanting immediate gratification, not being able to hang in there and do what you need to do even if it is tedious, or unsuccessful at the moment, the Bach Flower Energy Impatience will increase your capacity for more patience, so you can actually get something done, learn something, hang in there.
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Divinity: Can you activate in you something that is not already there?

My early attempts to activate divinity were complete failures.

It wasn’t a course: it was a process. I called it “The Juice Process” at the time, and have done it either one-on-one, or two or three-on-one. I had two “apprentices” to learn the process. That’s why the one or two other people were on the call in addition to the client and myself.

There was also another reason: one-on-one conversations can by hijacked by the client: their “machine” will want to argue, or take the conversation to a totally unproductive place.

People loved it, and many paid $300 for it.

I loved the process, I hated the results.

Something was missing. People forgot what they saw in the process, and continued living their lives like before, somewhat happier, somewhat lighter, but still… there was no transformation, there was no breakthrough: it was a disappointment for me, no matter how much money people paid me.

And although the current Activate Divinity Program could be producing the kind of results I envision: it hasn’t.

Let me first tell you what we are doing, and then I will reveal what’s missing, ok?

In the current Activate Divinity Program we set out to integrate your denied “fragments of self.”

How do you deny your self? Something happens and you decide, as the aftermath, that you don’t want to be that person… or you hide it so deep, that you forget about it.

Here are some examples:
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