Are you habitually depressed?

bride finds depression was hidden under excitementDepression can be like pessimism, habitual. You KNOW how it is, you KNOW how you are, and any change in that is only possible if you actually look and see how it is, how you are. You may have the thousand mile stare.

We seem to settle into a life KNOWING, as if living in a created little universe, our own, where everything is known. We know how to live depressed… We may complain, but we don’t even entertain the option of looking from outside to see if we are still depressed.

When you live like this, and I think everyone lives like this! then mostly an outside of you energy is needed to kick you in the behind, so you open your eyes, and gasp.

Like the just born baby, needs a slap on the behind to even consider breathing. So sure that they don’t have to…

I think that we need to be slapped on the behind a lot.
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Updated: Soul Correction: Fearless

soul correction fearlessFear is an issue. It’s universal. You have it, I have it. You have to have it. It is the 200,000 year old hardware… where your life was lived out in an environment where everything was a threat to your survival.

Today’s fears are the same, except today the threats to your survival are missing… and yet, the fears continue.

Your path to the next level of evolution, Human Being, is the beingness of fearless… where you consider fear a necessary evil, and you take it with you wherever you go, big and small, safe or dangerous, like you would take a child with you who needs your support.
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Updated: Reclaim your life. When your desire is low your Life Force is Low

reclaim your selfSummary: you don’t know who you are, you don’t have access your real desires because of a sinister scheme perpetuated… But it is time you reclaim your Self, it is time to reclaim you Life.

When you ask people to locate themselves, point at themselves, most point at their chest. Why? Because they feel themselves there: most feelings you feel, most emotions you feel are in the chest. Your breathing is in the chest. So it makes sense.

Others hesitate between their head and their chest.

As an empath I can see the discrepancy between what they show, where they point, and where the energy goes.

It always goes to the head, mostly into the forehead, but often to the space under the nose.

About a year and a half ago (Christmas of 2012), in a connection meditation session, I asked the participants to first locate their “Self” and then move it, at will into their hand, belly, and then the Seat of the Soul.

It lead to an amazing insight, an amazing meditation experience, the Avatar State audios, and then something that no one expected, the Self actually coming alive.

One of the participants had lived her life counter to her Self’s, her Soul’s desire: she lived a life of brainy, mental activities. She was unfulfilled, and frankly, not good at it.
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What happens if and when you fall in love or are in relationship with someone, whose DNA is not like yours? Do opposites attract?

opposites-attractIn my inquiry into this dangerous jungle of different DNA’s within the human race, I started to see the need to work with people, one on one.

Yesterday I lucked out: I had a new client for another business of mine, who is the perfect person with the perfect history to work on and maybe test these issues: What happens if and when you fall in love or are in relationship with someone, whose DNA is not like yours?

Our guy, let’s call him Chad, met a woman some 16-17 years ago. Chad is a scientist and so is his beloved.

Chad is on a crossroads of sort: he needs to decide whether to take this relationship to the next level. It’s been rocky, so he is hesitant. Intimacy has been lacking in the relationship as well. It seems that opposites attract…
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Vibrational Review: Trivortex and Brian David Andersen and energized water

trivortex and Brian David AndersenQuasi scientific discoveries attract those that think they are smart… But most quasi-scientific discoveries, most of them, are ineffective, fraudulent, and fake. But they sell well… They appeal the the “I am smart” person, and they appeal to the majority that says: Science knows what they are talking about. But this is, even in so-called real science, is a lie… most what passes for scientific is

1. financed by greed, fueled by greed, either for money or for recognition.
2. simply based on a hypothesis that is not true.

With that said: wanting water that energizes your body, wanting more energy is on everyone’s agenda” the perfect playground for marketeers and charlatans.

I myself energize my water. I fashioned my solution after the Sante Water model, without their equipment, although I used those for 15 years. Today I use a Source energy that makes the water coherent… It is simple, and it is inexpensive.

I haven’t had anyone who didn’t see the difference, but that is not my main source of income… so I am not pushing it.

Ok, onto the Vibrational review: enjoy.

As usual, this review was prompted by a student’s email to me.

After I spent two days in pain from checking out an energy “healer” in California, I was quite scared to expose myself again.

Yesterday I cloaked myself diligently every 30 minutes, and before I fell asleep, and woke up well and without pain. So here is the email and here is the review… interesting.

Good morning Sophie.

Could you please test this guy for me and if his products any good? My friend has a wellness shop in town and I used to work for her some. A year ago she sold me a Tri-Vibe and a Disc which I don’t use. Apparently products do something because people report pain disappearing and water tastes better but I have muscle tested it against the body and it makes chakra’s weak and water to me tastes no different. Vortex is very strong I actually feel it. If I put it over my body it makes me dizzy.

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Depression, Hate, Anger… All Signs That The Dark Forces Have Gained A Foothold In You

depression is not seeing that you can get out of the maze

Depression, Hate, Anger… All Signs That The Dark Forces Have Gained A Foothold In You

I read a book a few years ago by Kabbalah teacher, Yehuda Berg.

The book was on depression, and it promised to show you the restart button, so you can restart yourself without the impediments that had caused your depression.

I was very interested. I was just coming out of a 60-year long depression, but I felt I could fall back again. That was the case for 60 years: I would climb out only to fall back again. I could never say “I am well” without adding in my head… “for now.”

With very careful and narrow-tolerance methods I kept myself in working condition for 30 years, but pretty much that is all I could do: work. No vacation, no holidays, no relaxation: every time I slept more than seven hours, I started to fall, so I had to follow-up with sleep deprivation: sleep deprivation increases your Serotonin. Depression is a serotonin/dopamine issue, I am not sure exactly how, but it seems that way.

So I was really excited that someone managed to crack this depression thing… except.

rebooting: beat depression The book had one thing to say: the cause of depression is a low level of desire. I could attest to that, thank you very much. But it said nothing about how to increase your desire. The writer himself never recovered from his long-term depression either, despite his “knowledge” about it.

Fast forward a few years to this week, and something exciting is happening in this area: depression, desire, and how to beat the Dark Forces in you.

It all began with fear. Fear was named, by my readers, the number one cause they were not in action for what they wanted in life.

But although fear is natural, fear is useful, most of our fears cover up something.

In the past 27 years I’ve coached thousands and thousands of people. Some I coached once, many I coached for years.

I found only one common denominator in people, and that was pretense.

Layers upon layers of pretense.

Imagine an onion. Each layer is a pretense. Each layer pretends in a different direction.

On the top you will find the personality of the person: it is all pretense.


  • arrogance.
  • It covers up the next layer: fearing that one is a fake
  • the layer underneath is pretending that one is smart, can grasp everything fast
  • the layer underneath is a fear that one is stupid, slow, or dupe-able
  • And the layers go like this, on and on.

What is the purpose or goal of these layers? Survival.

Some time ago, I have no idea how long ago, human being was told a lie: that they are to be afraid: they are less than sufficient and less than enough to deal with life, to take care of themselves; that someone, larger than themselves is superior, and they are at that being’s mercy.

Sounds like religion to me.

In addition to that they told human beings that the world is a world of scarcity and they need to fight with everything and everyone to eke out a living. That the one with the most toys wins… and each age had its own toys, land, slaves, calves, weapons, whatever.

The truth is that human being is a Creator and immensely powerful.

But the powers that be had to cover that up: no one can rule Creators, Creators can’t be ruled.

The powers needed to dim human being’s consciousness by introducing, layer by layer, lies, that finally have diminished human being into a fearful, powerless, conniving, nasty little beast that doesn’t know what they can do.

You may have heard the story about how they train elephants: when they are little, they tie their legs with a rope and they tie the rope to a stake in the ground. The rope is strong, the stake is strong. The little elephant can’t pull it out and run away.

Once the little elephant “learns” that the rope and the stake is stronger than him, they replace the stake with a little stake and the rope with a thread, and finally just a ring of rope on the elephant’s leg will signify to the elephant that it is a captive and it can’t run away.

Layers and layers of that indoctrination was needed to reduce a species of proud Creators into the useless, powerless sheep they are today.

Inciters were burned at the stake, nailed to the cross, imprisoned and more.

When examples of the inner power show, by accident, like the mother who can lift a car that her child got trapped under are treated and explained by her extraordinary feelings: watch a person who accomplishes something extraordinary for sheep: they start to doubt the moment they did it.

This new world is based on man being weak and helpless.

But can you really extinguish the light within? The power to create with your thought, within?

No. And therein comes the problem.

The inner tension, the inner gap between the real you and the fake you can drive you crazy, can drive you to depression, or to feel miserable.

And although humanity was “gifted” with tools of pleasure 1 to replace freedom and love and power and satisfaction, the light could not be extinguished, and it is still there, wreaking havoc, inciting mayhem, banging on the walls of the self-imposed prison.

How do you break out of a prison like that?

The first step is seeing, clearly, and specifically the many walls of your prison. Get a bird’s-eye view of it, and plan for the breakout.

Each person has a slightly different configuration of prison walls, one size doesn’t fit all.

It’s an inside job. You can have a guide, but you need to do the work.

When you look at the enlightened people of the past, you will find that they spent a lot of their time looking inward, before they pulverized the last wall and broke to freedom.

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The 40th Bach Flower Remedy: The Peacock: The Soul’s Death-Grip

The Peacock: The Soul's Death-Grip The 40th Bach Flower Remedy: The Peacock: The Soul’s Death-Grip for Soul Correction

I knew there were more Bach Flower Feelings, there were more Bach Flower Energies, I just didn’t know what, which, how, and when.

Yesterday, on the afternoon connection call, a woman from Sweden, brand new person came to the call with that particular pain. Smack on the top of the Seat of The Soul… mimicking angina attack, very strong, very painful.

It didn’t respond to the Heaven on Earth, so I knew it was new. I also knew I had experienced it before, in fact I had it for years, until the time when I started to do my soul’s work, in earnest, a few years ago.

You don’t really experience it until your vibration hits 300… that is why it has never been present on the calls.

What is this energy, and why do I call it The Peacock?

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