Does Your Life Lack Meaning? Purpose? An Organizing Principle?

According to some statistics, 30% of humanity lack meaning in their lives.

I think that this statistics is off by a lot.

  • There are people who don’t have meaning in their lives, but they don’t miss it, they live an animal existence and they don’t need, don’t want anything more.
  • There are people who don’t have meaning in their lives and therefore they don’t have any backbone, don’t have any organizing principle, and they don’t know what’s missing, they only know that they are miserable.
  • There are people who don’t have meaning in their lives, so they use some societal meaning, like money or a social cause to organize their lives, but while they are doing this their soul is starving, and they are finding out that neither money nor a social cause does it for them, however good or bad they are at money or about a social cause.
  • And then there are people who know their lives lack meaning, and they spend their time seeking meaning in religion, in science, in relationships, hoping that something will rub off on them.

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Reframing: What is your higher power?

Frame: Your higher power? 1

Back in 1988 I had an emotional meltdown. I suddenly remembered things from my childhood.

I was suggested by someone in Landmark that it would be beneficial for me to join an ACOA group. Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

I did. I had clear signals that I belonged. #1 of the identifying features of ACOA people is “I don’t know who I am”. 2

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You need to ask this question: Are you Frank or Matt when it comes to your Self-Actualization: Becoming all you can be…

Frank and Matt: the two types of spiritual seekers

I am republishing this article from four years ago… because even though it doesn’t say “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” it is about that…

Frank and Matt… the two archetypes of seekers in all areas of life. relationship seekers, weight loss, prosperity, mindset, spirituality… seekers are seekers!

I got an email in my inbox from a marketing teacher of mine today.

I liked the subject line. I followed the link. I found a fascinating article.

It is about marketing, or better said, two types of marketers, two types of seekers of success, one is “Frank” the other is “Matt”.

Frank and Matt are two different types of marketers. But…

The idea of Frank and Matt fits “seekers” to a T. Seekers are exactly matching the two types, they are like Frank and Matt: grabbing for a quick fix or building a path… so I want you to put aside your distaste for marketing and business, and I want you to go over to that site and read it. I mean read every freaking’ word on it. Map it on yourself. See yourself. Get justified or find out how and why you have been mislead.

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Are you a Seeker? Restless, anxious, never quite there?

siddhartha_1004There is a deep human need to make our lives controllable. To be in control. To be certain. To be safe.

And there is this deep human need to see more, be more, feel more, have more, experience more.

They point to opposing directions, and they tend to jerk you back and forth.

It’s an oscillating structure.

Like every oscillating structure, the tension between the two extremes cannot be resolved, there is no ess… the battle will continue as long as… let me address that later.
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How to doubly benefit from my articles?

webinar1I love writing articles. I can do audios. But unless I can have a one-on-one conversation with you, I can’t dispell the myths, the “already always” cognitive biases, what you think you know, your prejudices about yourself or about the world…

So, with that said, I’ll like to start something, that will most likely be a flop, but at least I want to test it… maybe it can be a success… who can predict?!

When I write an instructive article, like two of them this week, I can feel that you are left with not enough instruction to help you. I am very sorry about that… by the way.

So the idea is to schedule a time where you can come and have those issues discussed in the article, overwhelm, integrating your life, getting unsctuck, etc. weekly.


Talk to me webinar tomorrow

By the way, this new webinar on Fridays is in addition to the monthly Open Mic… Talk to me opportunities. The next such opportunity is tomorrow, last Wednesday of the month, 4 pm my time… which is New York time. That is 1 pm Pacific, 9 pm UK, 10 pm Europe, and midnight in Mauritius… If you want to come, just register to the subscribers’ site, and you’ll be enrolled in the webinar automatically. You’ll get a confirmation from gotowebinar, the webinar software company… Register for tomorrow’s free webinar here –>

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Live like a White Peacock… do things for the love of doing things…

side-peacockI love reading. My favorite books tear down the proverbial curtain of the Wizard of Oz.

And my favorite activities… you could guess, are when I can tear down the curtain… and actually show the naked reality of things…

I find delight in it.

I used to be a dreamer, an escape artist, an avoider.

I saw reality so distasteful, myself so unattractive and unbecoming, that I went into daydreaming, and fantasizing, and imagery to find solace.

I haven’t become more attractive, but I have stopped hoping that being attractive, or heroic, or good, or altruistic, or brilliant, or whatever would buy me something I’d actually want.

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The 3 Categories Of Gurus Mirrored In The Three Types Of Seekers

guru-worshipThere are three categories of gurus and three types of seekers that fit each other as glove and hand

  1. Guru Category 1. The Hopeful Path: Naive, pliable, hopeful. Hoping that what you are doing is going to take you out of the misery: having feelings, and a constant battle inside between the aspects of a human being, each pulling in a different direction.You really really really want to be enlightened! Really… lol. But you know you aren’t. There is shame and guilt and sadness in your emotions, and often anguish: the fear of being caught. Ultimately you “do” this spirituality stuff to get away from being human. You fail. There is no escape… you are human, with all that comes with that territory. Continue reading “The 3 Categories Of Gurus Mirrored In The Three Types Of Seekers”

Atheists are the most spiritual…

demotivation.us_Religion-is-for-people-who-are-afraid-of-going-to-hell.-Spirituality-is-for-those-who-have-already-been-there_138262858294I have a friend who I call a few times a year, and then we talk a lot for a few weeks, and then not for months at a clip.

I’ve called him the other day, and now we are talking again.

Today he asked me a question that put me in touch with something I buried deep…

He asked me “What is Energized Water?”

I wanted to find out what he thinks energized water is. And that conversation lead from the pristine spring he got his drinking water from when he was a kid, through the hot springs of Lourdes, the healing waters, to a realization, that because I am an atheist, I have been not allowing myself to be moved.

I wrote notes while we spoke. This is what I wrote…
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The 67-step coaching, the good life and your Soul correction

revealing-the-hiddenIn my last article, I was praising Thought Experiments as a tool to get to the good life.

But: in the area of thinking you are like a human who gave up trying to walk after the first failure, and is now zipping around in a motorized wheelchair.

Alternatively, you could have been educated in the United States… the result, no thinking, is the same. Same in China…

A thinking person is dangerous “civilization”.

But I am thinking all the time! you cry…

But you are not thinking, you are having thoughts. No conscious effort.

Are any of the soul correction types fare worse off than others?

Hell yeah. Your soul correction is your cross to bear… and some are worse off than others.
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Are you disconnected from All-of-it and beg for knowledge from others?

inner-lightOne of the horrible costs of living in your mind, trusting your mind, going for Tree of Knowledge, is that you cut yourself off from your inner knower… and hand your life and destiny over to people who are not your friends, who are not on your side, who have their own agenda in saying anything.

I am observing the few high capacity producers in my circle, and this is one of the big difference between you and them: they may take hints… but then they do their own thinking, their own process.

The missing capacity, self-trust, or as Dan Millman calls it Faith, of course needs to be based on other capacities: cannot stand alone. And you also need to build some reality to it, some solid foundation. That is why you don’t have it: you life has been, and likely will be a life of turning to other people for all your thinking.

This is Dan Millman’s “article” from the book “The Life You Were Born To Live”. He knows a lot, sees, a lot, and doesn’t know and doesn’t see a lot more. But the article may awaken the desire in you to be your own person…

The Law of Faith

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