How bad news can be a godsend or how to eliminate neediness?

bad newsBad news. On my way home, climbing the long stairway off Euclid Avenue, I was listening to Step 21 of the 67 Steps. It’s about the superpower of being able to get into a relationship with people. Get into a relationship because you can see how their machine works. and because you see it, therefore you can speak their language.

Everything comes to you through people… and…

…you cannot get more abundance than what your people skills allow you to have.

I have been resigned about my ability to get better at dealing with people.

Resigned means: I have a fixed mindset about it, that says: it may be possible for you, but it’s impossible for me. Continue reading “How bad news can be a godsend or how to eliminate neediness?”

What prevents you from becoming all you can become?

what prevents you from learning?If you were a cabbage… would you allow yourself to be trained to become a cauliflower? Roman Cauliflower… like the picture to the left? What prevents you from that?

You want to be more, know more, but you prevent yourself from it… But how?

But how do you prevent yourself from learning, being trained, getting better, growing as a person? Continue reading “What prevents you from becoming all you can become?”

Self-concern: how self-concern takes you out of the flow

life is a process. concerns block the flow of lifeYou don’t live successfully. Your desire is much higher than your results. You are often, maybe always disappointed in the world, in yourself… but you don’t know exactly what is wrong.

So first let’s look at what is the underlying issue, because there must be an underlying issue if you don’t live successfully, right? The natural state of things is that you live successfully.

There is a cause and not living successfully is the effect. So what is the cause? Continue reading “Self-concern: how self-concern takes you out of the flow”

Can The Dark Side Get To Me? What the Dark Side talks to…

This article is from 2012… but it connects to self-image, so it is evergreen and timely.

I know, I know, I haven’t been writing as many articles as before.

Have I dried up? I don’t think so.

So why have I been so quiet?

You deserve to know.

In the beginning of May (2012) I asked for and was given the tool to give people a tool to energize their water.

When you drink water that energizes your body, when you drink water that returns, each time you drink it, some of your cells to their normal state, your life becomes more consistent with life than with death. Continue reading “Can The Dark Side Get To Me? What the Dark Side talks to…”

What it is that you do that keeps you from the light

I finally figured out what it is that attracts me to certain novels, certain movies, certain TV series… and repels me from others. What it is that I am muscletesting.

I am looking for goodness.

But goodness only exists in contrast.

So only the books qualify where the main character has both good and bad and in the struggle, the good wins… Also where the evil is strong, the pull to give up or to give in is strong.

As the Kabbalists say: only if and when you overcome the Opponent that you are good… for the moment. Continue reading “What it is that you do that keeps you from the light”

How high can you go from where you are? Tai Lopes review

I monitor visitor behavior on my site… to see how they treat my articles… I spend a few minutes a week, in the morning. It often gives me an idea of what to write about, what to teach next.

This article is a result of that few minutes of looking today.

Oh, I mostly look at people who signed up to get an email notification each time I publish a new article… by the way. Those people have expressed interest, so I want to see what people who say ‘I am interested’ are doing. Continue reading “How high can you go from where you are? Tai Lopes review”

The fraudulent promises to change your core beliefs

Do you think that the words spoken in your head are your beliefs?

What words? you say.

That ‘what words?’ was two of them. The words are spoken in your head.

There is a whole lot of talking that seems to be going on in your head, and if you think it is you, then they accomplished what they intended: you become a puppet on word-strings.

There is no such thing as a belief, and those words are NOT belief.

Don’t believe me? Just add words consciously, and see how much difference they make. None, that’s how much. Continue reading “The fraudulent promises to change your core beliefs”

A fish cannot learn to climb a tree, but you likely can…

Are you climbing the tree of life or are you stuck?

If you think that learning what is written in a book, said in a video, in a lecture, you never learn.

Those words, those happenings, those pictures are only food for thought, and if you are not capable for independent thought, contemplation, then no your kind of learning, no reading, no books, no videos, no classes can and will help you in anything.

Is it that you can’t? Source says: no. You can’t. And you won’t.

The question is: why?

Hate me as much as you want. Call me a bore. Call me repetitive.

It is because… Continue reading “A fish cannot learn to climb a tree, but you likely can…”

Emotional intelligence is the most important intelligence

I originally wrote this article in 2017. Not much has changed since then, but I had new insights. So instead of writing a new article, I am updating this one.

In your starting point measurements, 37 out of the 48 measures depend on your emotional intelligence, and if I want to be quite truthful, even your health number largely depends on your EQ as well. So in a roundabout way, in the Starting Point Measurements I test your emotional intelligence and all the ways it manifests. Continue reading “Emotional intelligence is the most important intelligence”

How to increase your powers of concentration?

Does outer work can change your insides? Or is it the other way around? Inner work produces outer results?

Back in the year 2000 my then boy-friend told me (lol. He didn’t suggest, he didn’t ask… No. He told me that I have to get, buy, learn Transcendental Meditation. It cost me $1200, which was big money for me. I remember I paid in payments.

Transcendental Meditation, TM, is a very simple meditation technique.

The essence of TM is concentration…

I didn’t know it at the time. Had I known it I promise I would have practiced with more enthusiasm. Continue reading “How to increase your powers of concentration?”