Why some cultures honor the soaring eagle as their symbol?

soaring methodAre you in harmony with Life? If you aren’t, you likely cannot soar… And soaring is the key to living a life worth living. This article shows what’s in the way and suggests how to remove what prevents you from soaring.

This article is a meandering journal entry: just walk with me… it will be worth your while. I promise.

The more in tune you are with the Universe, inner or outer, the more what I am going to share here applies to you.

My core group students are going through the grief of what it was like to be a child with a violent father, or a father who didn’t like the way you were, or having been an unplanned unwanted pregnancy…

The deeper you can go into the despair of it, the easier it is going to be to create a new name for you… and to create a new reality around that new person. Continue reading “Why some cultures honor the soaring eagle as their symbol?”

Humility: how do you know it’s lacking? What is there instead?

self-concern vs humilityHumility, wrongful pride, high about me score, self-concern… They all say the same thing.

The single most important blockage you have to raising your consciousness, raising your vibration.

In the 3-wishes workshop, one that I lead every Saturday afternoon, the one that never gets boring, I stumbled onto something that had never been revealed in all its gory beauty to the participants before: how focusing on hiding the self-concern completely and totally robs you of a life that you live powerfully, a life that you enjoy living, a life where you are productive and love yourself.

I have taught the concept, the distinction of ‘about-me’ for a decade now, but had never found a way to make it so visible, so visceral as in yesterday’s workshop.

humility... what does it mean?In the following video that I made some 8-9 years ago I explain how wrongful pride, a high about-me score, lack of humility manifests itself in life. Continue reading “Humility: how do you know it’s lacking? What is there instead?”