What is transformation? Why is it so important to know exactly?

Everyone talks about stuff... using big words, like transformation, but no one actually knows what the word means, and what do people actually do, or promise to do, who cause transformation.

If you really look, you can talk for half an hour, and you won't even get near to it...

Why? Because transformation is based on something that people either don't know, or don't consider sexy enough.

They talk about beliefs, and they talk about subconscious mind, and blockages... but none of those is actually how the human mind works...

Why am I so sure of that? Because certain things don't disappear or don't become unimportant during evolution...

The five senses, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smell won't be completely bastardized by words, meanings, and other mind construct. Continue reading "What is transformation? Why is it so important to know exactly?"

How true is your truth? Do your teachers have theory induced blindness… the world is still flat where human behavior is concerned?

This article is about the inner workings of a human... that if you get it wrong, the price you pay for the error is your life.

Is a human like a assembled faucet? When it drips you have to replace the whole thing?

I energize my water in a 5 gallon (20 liter) plastic containers with a spigot.

The spigot is replaceable, but I am not strong enough to unscrew it. I have the replacement spigot... I bought it a year ago, but is still sitting on my kitchen counter. I still need to be mindful that the old spigot, which is just another word for water tap... still drips. Continue reading "How true is your truth? Do your teachers have theory induced blindness… the world is still flat where human behavior is concerned?"

Can you connect to Source through imagining connecting?

I did the first session of the Muscle testing course, version 2 yesterday.

There was a lot of things to unlearn and relearn for the students, things can and do prevent one from being effective in life.

Tons of the memes, everything and its opposite, no clarity.

What is Source. Where is the knowledge coming from when we muscle test for the truth? Is truth stagnant, the same today as it was yesterday? Does anything remain the same as it was yesterday?

The most successful people on earth know that only physical laws, the laws of physics apply here, and you can deal with the rest as appearances. A mirage. Maya. Not solid.

That nothing happens until someone does something... The law of cause and effect. Continue reading "Can you connect to Source through imagining connecting?"

Why You Keep Signing Your Future Self Up for Stuff You Don’t Actually Want to Do

Part One: Knowing yourself is key to being able to change

We all think that we know ourselves... and then when it turns out to be wrong, we are surprised, but unphased in our certainty that we know ourselves.

Why is it nearly impossible to you to know yourself?

Because self-reflection is an intangible, spiritual capacity that can only open up if and when you look at your effect, your reflection, your feedback from the world around you. Continue reading "Why You Keep Signing Your Future Self Up for Stuff You Don’t Actually Want to Do"

Can you change? Will you be able to change, even if you never could?

This article is a stream of consciousness... Beware, it is like poetry... you have to feel it, you can't explain it.

Cultural memes, media bias, tell us that change is fast and dramatic.

So when you consider your own change, that is what you are planning for, or that is what you resist.Even if not changing means staying at a place where you don't enjoy being. But of the two bad things: dramatic change or staying miserable, staying miserable is still more attractive, because at least you know that place.

But cultural memes, media bias, are lies.

Actually, all memes are lies. It was, maybe, someone's truth, but it is not THE TRUTH.

Only physical laws are THE TRUTH... Continue reading "Can you change? Will you be able to change, even if you never could?"

Still think memes are innocent?

I have been talking about the memes... and it seems that I haven't spoken clearly the point.

So let me take a stab at it, and I'll try until it's so clear that most people will get it.

A meme is a though form. Words. Some rule, some principle, some saying that says something about how the world works, how you should be, and what is good and bad.

The Tree of Knowledge houses the memes. They live their incestuous life there and they come from there to infect you. Continue reading "Still think memes are innocent?"

Self-trust… do you earn it or do you just have it?

I wrote this article about two years ago. It is as valid as it was then...

self-trust is the secret or success... without it you won't startAs I unlock more and more abilities for people, as more and more abilities get activated, I am starting to see something new emerge.

When one ability is suddenly available, like the sight, other abilities that were already there can now be expressed. 1

It's like this: to assemble a piece of furniture, they provide you with all the tools you'll need.

Continue reading "Self-trust… do you earn it or do you just have it?"

Birthday musings

It's my birthday today, and I guess, I should be doing something other than work... but I love working, so I am going to do as much of it today as i can.

What is great about having all this Social Media is that people are reminded that I have a birthday, so people come out of the woodwork.

But people do it in their inimitable way.

Self-expression... or maybe self-expression?

Some act as if they were the one stirring the soup of the Universe, and therefore had the right to tell me how to be, who to be... I have removed them from my mailing list. Unless I hired you to be my coach, your coaching is not welcome.

Yet others, who are stingy... your stinginess is expressed in everything you do and say. Especially in the "you are welcome" part... That "you are welcome" shows that they think more than 90% of the time about themselves... and nothing else. Continue reading "Birthday musings"

Measuring Self-Esteem distortion: how accurate is your self-evaluation?

The new measure I am including in the Starting Point Measurements is Self-Esteem. Or more precisely: how distorted your self-esteem is.

Esteem, the word, comes from the Latin appraise, estimate, measure the value of, the size of... through French and Middle English (as a noun in the sense ‘worth, reputation’): from Old French estime (noun), estimer (verb), from Latin aestimare ‘to estimate.’ The verb was originally in the Latin sense, also ‘appraise’ (compare with estimate), used figuratively to mean ‘assess the merit of.’ Current senses date from the 16th century.

So Self-Esteem is how you think your size is compared to others, compared to a standard.

80% of the people, who have a distorted (inaccurate) sense of themselves, overestimate themselves. This also differs by countries... a lot. For example, Koreans underestimate themselves, and therefore work diligently to measure up.

Not surprisingly, countries with the lowest Ambition number are highest on the overestimation scale... "If I am so wonderful already, why should I want to be more wonderful... says the unconscious culture of these countries.
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Remembering the future meditation… for self-trust

Some people are afraid to make a mistake. They are paralyzed, or procrastinate... and in the end often don't take action... and hate themselves for it.

I am one of these people.

And some of my clients are like this too.

In this article I will attempt to teach something I myself need to learn and then master.
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