What’s missing that in spite of all you do, you get nothing?

context is decisiveYou get nothing of what you really want…

Everyone tells you to be productive. Get up at the crack of dawn or before, and work work work.

And many do, getting a diabetes diagnosis, or dropping dead, or having to introduce themselves to their kids at their graduation or they would not recognize them.

But maybe that is not the purpose of life. Continue reading “What’s missing that in spite of all you do, you get nothing?”

Is ranting gossiping? Is ranting complaining?

rantingComplaining implies expressing dissatisfaction about a situation or behavior. Ranting is all about expressing anger by shouting in frustration. And gossiping is talking about a person who isn’t present. So this article, at least the first part is all three. But it is also a teaching opportunity.

Every Tuesday I am on a group coaching call with one of my coaches.

I don’t like him. I say this upfront so I can watch if I have a prejudice… while I am writing about him.

Anyway, I have once written an article that I can’t now find where I say that even if you copy everything visible about a person who is doing better than you, you won’t be like him, and your results probably won’t be like his. Continue reading “Is ranting gossiping? Is ranting complaining?”