Scarcity or abundance… what makes the difference on the seed level?

I have to admit: I am going to muscle test my way through everything I say… so I become the first person on the planet who doesn’t disseminate bull crap about this topic so many people ask about. Almost 100% of the new visitors to the site come with a strong pull towards money, feeling good, really acting like puppets on a string…

Of course my site disappoints 90% of them, right away, 99% of them over the next week or so…

If you tell the truth, your filter when looking at things, at people, at yourself, hovers around abundance or scarcity… is all about having.

Does he have the looks?
Does he have the style?
Does he have the money?
Does he have the knowledge that will make you look good?
Does he have the friends, the job, the parents that will make you more? have more? appear more?

I admit that I hate this topic. I don’t want to think about it, I don’t want to know about it, because it is so low vibration. But because you love this topic, you want to hear about it, you want to know about it, because you want to have abundance, I am going to think about it, and now write about it.

Be prepared to say thank you… even if you won’t like what I find out.

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