How true is your truth? Do your teachers have theory induced blindness… the world is still flat where human behavior is concerned?

This article is about the inner workings of a human… that if you get it wrong, the price you pay for the error is your life.

Is a human like a assembled faucet? When it drips you have to replace the whole thing?

I energize my water in a 5 gallon (20 liter) plastic containers with a spigot.

The spigot is replaceable, but I am not strong enough to unscrew it. I have the replacement spigot… I bought it a year ago, but is still sitting on my kitchen counter. I still need to be mindful that the old spigot, which is just another word for water tap… still drips. Continue reading “How true is your truth? Do your teachers have theory induced blindness… the world is still flat where human behavior is concerned?”

To put the spring back into the old mattress

“To put the spring back into the old mattress” 1

I heard that expression yesterday in a movie, and loved it. I wrote it down. Because that is what our work is about. Putting the spring back into the old mattress…

It could be said about you.

Most of you were happy little children once, even if life was tough. Even if bad things happened to you or around you. You jumped out of bed looking forward to the day ahead!

I remember I was, even though I had bad things happen to me.

And then, slowly, gradually, the inner turmoil, the inner misery set in, and now the misery is there, most of the time.

You may even have periods when it feels like someone or something is trying to annihilate you. You think it’s a psychic attach. And it is… except that it isn’t coming from the outside.

It is a part of you that attacks another part of you. Continue reading “To put the spring back into the old mattress”

What is the intrinsic role of commitment… making a commitment, committing to something?

commitment-to-marryEver asked the question why people get engaged? Engaged to be married…

Engagement is making a commitment…

But commitment is tricky.

Real commitment comes from the Intrinsic Self, and you don’t need to make it. It is what the Intrinsic Self wants you to do…

Most things you call commitment, are impositions on the Intrinsic Self, impositions on you. Duty, obligation, drudgery.

They come from either an outside goal or an ego goal… and they don’t get the support of the Intrinsic Self.

The engagement period drives up the real sentiments, and if there is any honesty, will prove or disprove the authenticity of the commitment.

Authenticity means: coming from the intrinsic Self.
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The lesson of Doctor Who for those who want to raise their vibration

Doctor-Who-CollageI published an article on Doctor Who a week or so ago: I did not write that article, no matter what you thought when you read it.

That article was written before the current Doctor came to the scene.

The Doctor, 1000 years old, periodically dies and regenerates into a whole different look and personality “new” Doctor.

It is jarring for everyone involved, especially to the previous companions of The Doctor. The doctor looks dramatically different, and is a dramatically different personality.

As I can tell, one aspect of The Doctor needed to be made obvious: his vulnerability.

There is a great video compilation at the end of this article… worth watching, even if you have never seen the show.
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Vibrational Review: 5 stages of Consciousness Evolution by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani becoming limitlessVishen Lakhiani is the owner of MindValley… a huge company promoting gurus and their programs.

The original article was to promote his webinar workshop on becoming limitless, on October 13. The webinar’s job is to promote their continuity, i.e. subscription to the $29 a month Mindvalley Academy.

Because so many people are interested in becoming limitless, or at least happier, I am going to review the article… I can’t review the webinar, or something I haven’t happened… but I can look at the person and his work any time, and make bold assertions to their results.

One thing that will clue me in is the truthfulness of this article… or the lack of truthfulness. I don’t mean honesty, by the way. I mean: are the principles valid? Do  the methods produce the results he claims they produce? Is the thinking correct?

This may take me days… I just hope I won’t miss the deadline.

So, here is the article by Vishen Lakhiani:

five stages of of consciousness evolution according to Vishen LakhianiThe 5 Stages Of Consciousness Evolution: Where Would You Stand Today?

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Does “not that bad” have you by the balls?

it's not that bad. someone is stupider than youMore than half of my site’s visitor come to download the codes by Grabovoi, for free. Grabovoi’s numbers are the type of miracles that people hope for, angels, spirits, gods… 1

I have contemplated that maybe I should remove those articles, and maybe I should.

Why? Why would I want to remove a post that brings in so many visitors?

I tell you why! Because people who are interested in those numbers, are not my people. They want miracles, angel dust, prayer, magicians, shamans, or some other form of “please do it for me” magic.

Of all the people that searched for the Grabovoi codes, I am aware of one person who stayed and became a star student of mine… One out of hundreds of thousands.

But what if the people who search for the Grabovoi codes need my help?

What about the people who don’t feel well, who are bloated, or can’t get enough rest in the night, tired, sluggish, listless, depressed, not enough pep or not enough energy to enjoy life?
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Still heading down the wrong road, even after I pulled your attachments?

This article closely relates to the soul correction articles AND the attachments, cords articles.

Oftentimes a difficult case is what leads researchers to new insights. This exactly how it happened today… I had a client who, periodically, has serious heart symptoms, even though physically there is nothing wrong with his heart.

For a while, whenever I muscle tested people for attachments, even after the removal of the attachments, the muscle test answer was yes/no. The fingers opened but only a little bit. Yes and no… Maddening, lol.

I clarified it with Source, that it means: there are some things like attachments on the person, but not exactly attachments. Something else, but close.
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Spells, curses, spell casting, spellworking… WTF?

black_magic_hex_removal_spellIf you read my horror story about Ayahausca, you know that the number of attachments on people were in the 30’s, and the type were spells… killing spells.

Even I got a bunch, because I didn’t cloak myself… Now I do. I got curious about spells… I am an educated woman, and spells belong to the uneducated and imaginative… My opinion strictly. I mean wanting spells, “getting” spells, and such. I am not necessarily talking about the witches, at least not all of them.

Compared to these witches and sorcerers, shamans, and other showy practitioners, I am a lame housewife, a pedestrian… sitting in my underwear by the computer, connect, find and grab the attachment with my hands, and pull until there is no more… No poetry, no drama, no formidable… lol. No magik.
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