Emotional Shock Absorber…

One of the technical things a human could apply to their own life, to their emotional life, is the shock absorber, other than alcohol or sex.

A shock absorber reduces the load on every part of the vehicle, your foot, on your head… wherever you are using it… and if used properly, your it can do the same thing for your emotional and physical self.

The bombardment of humanity with negative emotions is continuous. There is no shield, there is no distance, there is no bunker that can protect you… but you can use a shock absorber… A shock absorber that works fast, and doesn’t take you out of life, but allows you to continue life as if nothing happened.

An emotion only wreaks havoc when it’s resisted.

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The secret of changing: beat your projecting mind

beat the projecting mindI wrote this article five years ago, but today I remembered it and here you go: I’ll republish it.

What happened? Two things. I now get asked for a health measurements muscle testing where the result is frightening. And the other thing is: I am taking Hyaluronic Acid capsules, and was pondering why Source said that it is good for me… It won’t make my face smoother… but I now have no heartburn, and I am noticing that walking is easier on my knees… So it is, in this regard a ‘shock absorber’ for my knees.

So that is how come I looked up this article and this activator I’ll talk about in this article…

And surprisingly, it connects really well to my Flexibility/changeability activator too… I like when things connect through and through.

OK, here starts the original article: Continue reading “The secret of changing: beat your projecting mind”

What can Marco Polo’s legend teach you?

marco-polo-mosaicThis may just be a legend… Yet, legends can teach…

Marco Polo was an Italian man who arrived into the Great Khan’s court. The Great Khan asked him and his two companions about the desert they had to cross to get to his court.

The two older men had little to say. Marco Polo, on the other hand, had a lot to say.

The two older men were banished, Marco Polo was given the role of advisor.


Because Marco Polo didn’t live his live with his consciousness buried in his mind.

WTF, right? What does that mean?
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My energy level, my weight, my pain, stepping and rocking

granny with flexibilityThis article is getting a lot of visitors from Pinterest. So the first few words are for them: yes, that lady is for real, yes, she is old.

I don’t know her. But I am an empath and I can connect to her and measure stuff about her. Her vibration is 200. Her health is at 50%. And her hydration is 10%.

Being flexible, remaining flexible needs you to provide your body with the nutrients it needs, eat no fried foods or inflammation causing food: oils, margarine, sugar, grains… and practice.

The lady in the picture, most likely, has been practicing yoga for 50 years. And her ligaments have always been loose.

OK, curiosity satisfied? Good… Now, the rest of the article is for my regular readers

Topic #1: my energy level, my weight, my pain, stepping and rocking.

As you know (if you read my articles regularly) I have been getting old, heavy, and sore.

This year I had the idea that if I don’t get younger and more mobile, I will be stuck without a chance to move, to travel, to attend events…
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Are your actions effective? Constructive? And if not, why?

instead of massive action, it is take effective actionsThis may be the most important article for you to read… Don’t complain that I didn’t warn you!

One of the things mainstream (all the gurus) get wrong is this: they consider you a constant in opportunities. Constant as in fixed… As if you were the same when you are afraid, and when you are confident…

You are not constant until you are on the vibrational level of above 900. How do I know? Because I can see the difference in me and in my ability to act constructively, even though I am above 900. Continue reading “Are your actions effective? Constructive? And if not, why?”

Election year manipulation

fear economy: do not feed the fearsWho makes money when you are scared?

Or another question: who doesn’t make money when you are scared? Because if you stay scared long enough, smaller companies will go out of business… for sure.

This fear based behavior started in the middle of summer, if my feelings are correct, and it is effecting my chiropractor, MindValley, and myself. And when I look at the behavior of people emailing me to sell me something, creators of programs, I can detect desperation and hope in them… Hope that SOMETHING will work…

Panic-mongering is an age old technique to control people and fleece them.

Scared people are stupid. Fear causes incoherence.
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