Become like god… create with your word… but how?

I bet you want to be able to create with your word… right? But your attempts have been failed attempts…

Here is some clarification why that doesn’t work, even though you have the capacity… but it isn’t working.

I woke up early today. I woke up from probably the best-feeling dream I have ever had.

I was in some kind of exam, and I was compared, paired up, grouped with people who were decades younger, and miles below my knowledge level.

But they were home, and I was an alien. Alien to the country, not a space alien.

Anyway, there was this teacher, who worked with me… Forgot to say that the exam was in another language… not any of the languages I already speak.

The teacher and I worked. On the day of the exam I left him home to sleep, and went to the exam by myself. Continue reading “Become like god… create with your word… but how?”